Four beautiful pans of Caribbean Red Hot peppers going in the oven for roasting

There are some things that seem like such a good idea at the time, but come back later to bite you in the keister!  Last fall, after a bountiful harvest of hot Caribbean Red Peppers (comparable in heat to the Habanero), we decided to dry large pans of peppers in the oven to make some hot pepper flakes.  All went well, in fact, so well that we were able to roast pan after pan over the course of a few weeks and grind them into some fantastic hot pepper flakes.  They looked beautiful going in, and after 10 or 12 hours on low heat, they came out dried and perfect for grinding.

Feeling like pro’s at this point – we ground up batch after batch, put away a few jars for our own use, and gave the rest out to our friends and family who love hot pepper flakes.

All good so far, right???  Now, fast forward to December –  and a Sunday night family dinner of Spaghetti and Garlic bread – one of our family favorites.

As all 6 of us sat down to eat  and not long into the meal, a few of the kids began to ask if we had used our “hot” spaghetti sauce instead of our regular we make.  Now, Mary and I both are known to love hot and spicy foods, and we do indeed make a dozen or so jars of our hot pasta sauce to use when we are cooking  just for us.  However,  I was sure I had grabbed a “normal” sauce jar from the pantry, and like most parents, just figured the kids were just trying to find something wrong with their parents cooking.

It wasn’t until I spotted tears coming from the eyes of our kids and Mary, and then had intense heat coming from my own mouth that I began to wonder what I had done to our meal.  It took Mary glancing over at the counter to realize that instead of using our baking stones, I had placed and baked the garlic bread on our non stick baking sheets we had used back in the fall for roasting the hot peppers.

I don’t think I have ever tasted hotter bread, in fact – it was downright inedible.

It seems that Mary and I have learned a valuable lesson.  When you  roast hot peppers on a non-stick pan – no amount of washing or cooking on them ever gets rids of the capsaicin from the peppers that makes things so hot.  The melting butter and spices on the garlic bread had soaked up the hot pepper remnants and created Inferno Bread!

SO…..we now have four beautifully clean and spotless non-stick pans that will forever be used once a year as hot pepper roasting pans!  And of course, remarks from the kids every time we make bread asking if used the “hot pans”.

Inferno Bread – Why not to use good baking pans for drying hot peppers in your oven!
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