Groundhogs can be a nightmare for plants, gardens and landscapes.

Spring has sprung – and so has a new den of groundhogs just South of the precious garden.  When I say just South – I really mean “just” – maybe 10 to  20 short paces from the front edge of the garden – and another twenty paces the opposite direction to the area where the new grape vines will be set in the ground in a few weeks.

We’re not opposed to sharing our food with others – but groundhogs are kind of like the relatives that come over and devours everything from your table, your fridge and your cupboards – and won’t leave.  They can tear a garden to pieces – let alone your landscaping and lawn with their massive holes.

So, with little choice – as it’s just about prime gardening season – we have decided Chuckie and his friends have to go.

So, that leads to our options – which are few and far between.

We are only a few weeks away from garden season - and the groundhogs will look at this like a big buffet.

We could:

A. Hope that they are a “good group” of groundhogs – and hope they will only eat a small portion of our garden, and leave the rest for us.  (NOT LIKELY)

B.  Trap and release them elsewhere.  However –  the Division of Wildlife  told us that they DO NOT want you to trap and relocate the animals due to the spread of disease.

C.  Fire a couple of warning shots in the air and see if they leave.  (HIGHLY DOUBTFUL)

Okay – so it’s not going to be as simple or easy as any of the above options, but – one way or another – we have to get them out – and definitely within the next few weeks before the tender garden plants go in.

The Groundhog Dilemma – Chuckie and Friends Have to Go!
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