The Cajun Beller Pepper – The award winning pepper is a great edition to any garden!

The garden is going in this weekend – which is always my favorite time of the year.  One plant that we have tripled up on from last year is the Cajun Belle Pepper.  It is by far my favorite “new  plant” of the last few years – and performed amazing in the garden last year.  We planted just 3 plants on a trial basis  – and after tasting them in mid summer – we both knew we should have planted more!

The Cajun Belle, which was a 2011 All-American Selections Winner  produces smaller 1 to 2 oz. peppers with a mildly sweet and also spicy taste just right for fresh eating, adding to salads or fresh salsa, or our favorite – stuffing them for appetizers!

They mature much earlier than other peppers – usually within about 60 to 65 days – and do great in the garden or for container gardening.

Our Cajun Belle Plants ready to be planted!
Each of our 3 plants last year produced a hundred or more of the small peppers – and they can be picked and eaten green – or as they turn from orange to a bright red.  We noticed that the longer they were on the vine – they became just a bit more spicy. They also freeze well – keeping their flavor and texture when thawed.

One of the great benefits of the pepper is the ease in preparing them for appetizers, salsa or any food dish.   The seed core is tight and easy to remove once the top of the pepper is sliced off – which makes them perfect to stuff or slice.

You can find a great recipe for stuffed Cajun Belle appetizers on one of our earlier posts : )

So add a little spice and flavor to your garden this year with the Cajun Belle pepper!

Happy  Growing!

– Jim and Mary

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Cajun Belle Pepper pulled last fall – still tons of peppers on the vine!
Cajun Belle Pepper – A great addition to your garden!
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