Well – as we told you last Sunday – the garden is in!  Now begins the fun of watering and maintaining – and waiting for those days of the first big harvest!  We thought we would do a series of photos every few weeks or so to show the progress of the garden and farm as we go along. Here it is in the first week of May.

Radishes poking through the ground
Fresh radishes pulled from the garden
Rows and rows of peppers and tomatoes – ready to grow!
Cucumbers ready to climb
Spring Onions ready to be plucked and eaten
Summer Crisp lettuce – we’ve harvested enough already for a couple of big salads!
Cayenne Peppers in and watered!
The new variety of Roma we are trying out this year – The Big Mama Roma
The newly landscape front of the chicken coop with a few of the split and transplanted grasses coming up nicely
Chuckie the Groundhog watching us work while having a snack of clover…he has promised us he will not touch our garden…
Goldie takes a dust bath in some clover
The view from up on the hill overlooking the garden
A view from the very top of “The Farm”.
The Garden In Pictures – 1st Week of May
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