The back hill in the early spring right after transplanting the grasses

In general – I am a very happy person – but everyone has their moments – and for me – nothing  can make me grumpier  than slow progress  – and this wall project has been SLOW MOVING!!!

The need for the wall : the ground erosion from spring rains around the new transplants

It’s not from a lack of effort mind you – we’ve been at it off and on all spring – but the rainy early spring and the sheer task of moving all of the rock has been quite the ordeal.  So what once was a dirt hill created by leveling out the space for the barn – is now turning ever so slowly into a landscaped back hill area.  There is still so much to do – but it’s nice to at least see it starting to take shape.

Back hill with bottom leveled out and first row of rock in – drain tile not in yet – so still muddy from the rains

It’s such an important part of the overall barn project – because when it rains – the water run-off erodes the hill and then pools behind the barn, right where half of the patio will be.  Hopefully, of course – after this project is finished – that will be just a memory.

So – the last few days in between that pesky “day job” work thing we all must do 🙂  – we have managed to get more of the rock in place, and the top portion of the hill mulched.

Progress to this point – upper stone in, and upper plants mulched – next up – install drain tile behind bottom rock and lower level.

This weekend  – in between a slew of baseball and softball games – we hope to get the drain tile laid in.  We are going to put 3 different sets of tile at 3 levels to insure proper drainage of the water – putting a four-inch drain tile at the top of the hill to catch initial water, another laid in behind the bottom rock to catch the runoff, and then a third buried on the bottom pad to quickly take off any left over.

After that – we can plant the remaining grass transplants that are in the holding bed in the garden – and then finally time to install the patio!  ….and i can be happy again 🙂

Retaining Wall Work – Will It Ever Be Finished?
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