The hanging baskets we planted are doing well – but we need to keep them watered daily to stay alive!

June is almost here..and so is the heat!  It’s been a steady diet of no rain (going on our 12th dry day today) and ever-increasing temperatures here.   That means constant watering of the plants in the garden as well as the flowers and hanging baskets. Watering is quite a chore right now – as we have to tote every ounce of water out to the property from the house.  Because the plants are still on the younger side – we can get by with about 15 gallons each trip to get all the plants and chickens watered – but that amount will double if not triple as they all grow.

All the more reason to finally get the barn roof watering collection system functional.  We had hoped to have it up at the beginning of May – but it kept getting pushed back by  other more pressing farm chores.  So we spent today finally putting up the fascia boards on the eaves of the barn.

They have to be all up and at the least primed by the time the gutter crew comes on Monday morning to install.

Before the gutters can be installed – the fascia board needed to be put up on the eaves

Our hope is we can find some time tomorrow night to get them painted as well – and not have to worry about painting around the gutters after they are all up.

I have mixed feelings about having our gutters installed by someone else – it will be the first thing we haven’t built ourselves on the barn, but we wanted seamless gutters and in all honesty, our quote to have them purchased and installed was cheaper than we could buy them!

Once the gutters are installed on the barn – the roof water collection system will be complete.

The fascia board up and getting primed.

As we noted in a post a few weeks back  – the two 275 gallon tanks are in place and waiting for water. Now all we need is some rain to fill those gutters and fill those tanks!    We should be able to fill them each with a couple of good rains – and that should end our water carrying days from the house.  So stay tuned..hopefully Monday evening we can have some pictures of the complete system up…and waiting for rain!  The good news…rain is forecast for Tuesday!

Day Lillies in full bloom – even without the rain
Have Gutters…NEED RAIN!