So – what do you do when you have 2500 projects in process?  You add another when the opportunity presents itself!  We gave up long ago trying to be people who start, work on and complete one project at a time.  We admire those who can – but it’s just not the way we work best.   We work best starting 10 projects – finishing a few others and thinking about the next 200 things we can do :).   Call it A.D.D., call it a lack of focus – call it whatever you want – we just happily accept it and call it life!

The old back porch with the big picture windows that hopefully soon will become the windows of our new greenhouse.

So that leads us to the current project that presented itself out of a simple call from my sister.  You see, they are undergoing a renovation of their house.  My sister finally gets the master bathroom suite and first floor laundry room she always wanted – and we get all of the double glazed windows from her back porch that had to be removed to make room for the renovations.

A Greenhouse we found on Pinterest that we are using for the inspiration to design ours.

We have always wanted to design and build a really neat little greenhouse from old recycled wood and windows.  And then came the call – would we have any use for the big windows from her porch?  We have plenty of old barn wood left to make the structure – and the windows are perfect for a greenhouse.    She hated seeing them go to waste – and we decided to bite the bullet and go for it.

So this past weekend we hauled about 3/4 of the windows back to the farm and sometime this week we will go get the rest.  Now comes our planning stage – we have scoured pinterest and google images to see what all is out there, and knew in the back of our minds what we wanted – so hopefully in the next few weeks we come up with the plan – and start to build.

The view of Mount Pleasant – The view that gave us our greenhouse.

Oh…and the title…your probably wondering how a mountain caused all of this.  Well, you see – my sister thought about moving away from their historic neighborhood out to the suburbs to find that master suite and first floor laundry room – but my brother-in-law just couldn’t give up the beautiful backyard view they have of a little mountain called Mount Pleasant.  It is a beautiful view…and so came the compromise.  They stay in the house – but remodel to get the master suite and first floor laundry room my sister always wanted.  And us…well -that mountain gave us our future greenhouse!  We’ll be sure to keep you posted as we build.

Mary and Jim

How my sister, brother-in-law and a Mountain caused our Greenhouse Project
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