The barn water tote filled to almost 175 gallons on the first day of installation – since then – zero rain!

It’s a sad day today.  A day of cheating.   We were really hoping to never again haul in water to handle the watering needs of the farm.  With installation of the barns rain collection system in late May – all we needed was a little rain from above.  However – since installing the 550 gallon twin totes on the 29th of May, Mother Nature has left us out to dry.  Oh, she gave us a great send off – showering us with a big rain the very day we completed it.  It started our system off with almost 175 gallons of water.  But ever since – zilch!  In fact – even when a few little pop up showers have blown through our area – it seems like someone has installed a bubble on the farm property to send the rain around.  As Mary watered on Friday – the water level on our tank dipped below 30 gallons, with little rain in site.  And with the grapevines going in the ground tonight – we will double our water needs from what we have been using each week.

We could really kick ourselves for not having the rain system up earlier in the Spring – when it seemed like we could never have two days in a row without rain.  When both tanks are full, the 550 gallons they hold can easily give us almost two months of watering without a single drop from above.  But the reality is we didn’t get them in – and the tanks are almost dry.

We really hoped to never repeat this scene..but with no rain – we have no choice but to load them back up and go fill the water totes.

So that brings us to today.  We are heading out soon to haul home both of the 275 gallon water totes on the back of the flatbed truck.  Sadly, instead of the barn roof and gutters filling them up – it will be the garden hose from our house.

The irony of it all as I write this morning – out of the blue, there is a small line of showers developing across the state that could bring us rain…but I somehow have the feeling if we count on it –  it won’t rain – and if we haul them home and fill them – it will!! 🙂  Either way, and with more days of no rain and increasing heat – we can’t take a chance on running out of water.  Off to the farm we go…

Raindrops Aren’t Falling On My Head….