Within a mile of the house – a road with every power pole snapped like toothpicks

It took a grand total of about 10 minutes. At about 5:15 on Friday afternoon a strong line of thunderstorms with 70 to 80 MPH winds swept through the middle and southern part of Ohio and changed the course of our weekend. Mother Nature once again showed who is in charge.
We watched as the two huge trees in our back yard swayed and bent over like I have never seen before.
The lights flickered once, then once more – and then were gone for good. In fact – as of this writing on Monday morning (Courtesy of A McDonalds with WiFi about 40 minutes away) – they are still gone. Even better – word is it could be up to a few more days before they are back on.

About a quarter mile down the street – a car crushed by a huge limb

At first glance around the neighborhood – it didn’t seem all that bad – a couple of small limbs laying in our yard, and the trash can blown over. Then a glance down the street and the story started change quickly. Huge trees split in half – power lines tangled in across road after road. Cars and garages and houses damaged or destroyed by massive trees that toppled like toothpicks.
After seeing the damage – we headed out to check on the chickens, the garden and the barn at the farm. As we drove through the streets – our route changed corner by corner – turning around 4 or five times as large poles and lines were strewn about the roads. As we neared the farm – a whole roof torn off an office complex heightened our fears of what might be found.
Some how and in some way – the farm survived unscathed. The only ill effects being a couple of rows of peppers that had blown completely over – and those were easily fixed with a few stakes.

Breakfast on the Grill!
Thank goodness for the garden and grill! Dinner!

So in the last few days – we have had a taste of life “off” the grid. There is not a gas station open within a 15 mile radius –and the only lights or power to speak of are those powered by a generator. We brought home ours from the farm and at least can keep our fridge and freezer good through the storm.
As we drove around Saturday to survey the damage – friends of ours whose property was hit hard said it best – “you know – it gives us all a chance to slow down”. We have actually made the best of it – preparing our meals outside on the grill – talking and sitting with neighbors. It has also made us realize how lucky we are to have all of our canned food from the garden to fall back on when needed. It’s been pretty nice to have life slow down for a weekend and to know you can survive.
Life really is what you make of it. Now – please turn the lights back on :).

Making breakfast on the grill

Mother Nature Flexes Her Muscles