Your not seeing double…this is table # 2 :):)
One of the upgrades from table 1 – the 10′ benches that go down each side

No – you are not seeing double – and no this isn’t a repeat post.  By now, most of you who follow know that our dream of a completely self sufficient farm is helped along by our little pergola business that we do in our spare time.

So after posting about the old barn wood trestle table we built in time for the barn party – we had an offer to purchase the table that was in short – too good to pass up.  It was a way to bring a little more income to the farm and purchase the orchard trees and what we have wanted since day one – an old farm truck to use around the place. (what’s a farm without an ol’ farm truck??) So we did what any respectable Americans with a little entrepreneurial spirit do – we sold it and went about building another for our barn.  We still have a large stash of old barn rafters left from the barns we tore down, so wood wasnt a problem – just finding the time to build it…again!

A Sad Day…Table 1 loaded on the new “old” farm truck.

I won’t lie – it was actually tougher than I thought loading it up on our new “old” farm truck and delivering it to its new home.  And the first time I walked in the barn and saw the bare space where the table once stood – it was a really empty feeling.  However – as with all things – the second time you do something it really is easier.  You learn some tricks and can change some things you want to include the 2nd time around.  And we did just that.  We widened and lengthened the table – this one is a little over 12′ long and is now 46″ wide – which will allow for plenty more room for plates and dishes right down the middle.  We also opted to darken the top stain to more match the barn sign and look “older”.  We also added the 10′ benches and stained them to match.

Our Old World Garden Vintage Logo we designed..what do you think?

The result…We can now walk in our barn and smile again that our table is back! This actually has led us to think long and hard about expanding the old wood working to maybe a little Etsy shop and just design and build things we can with old barn and pallet wood in our spare time.  It’s not like we build pergolas in the winter.  We have had some requests for the pallet canning cabinets and a smaller table – so what the heck – maybe it’s a  way to build that farm even quicker.  We even came up with a name and a logo : “The Old World Garden Vintage Collection”.   Feel free to drop us your thoughts in the comment section below – we’d love to hear what you think of it.

In the mean time…no matter what…this table is staying put – my promise to Mary 🙂 🙂

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Trestle Table II – Expanding The Farm A Little Quicker