The pantry is filled again and waiting for the fall, winter, and spring of 2012-13!

With our fall crop of lettuce, radishes and sugar snap peas in the ground – the rest of the summer garden has begun to slow down. Just this past week – we canned a few more quarts of tomato juice to finish off filling the canning pantry. The last of this seasons tomatoes hang on the vine and will be picked in the next week for making big batches of vegetable soup and chili to freeze for great winter meals.  Nothing beats heating up a bowl of summer goodness in the middle of a snowstorm!  It has been a great garden year in spite of mother natures attempt to ruin it with scorching temperatures and dry conditions.  We thought for our monthly picture feature about the farm and garden, we would share some of the photos of this year’s summer harvest.  So without any more words – here they are:     –  Jim and Mary

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In spite of higher heat and dry conditions – the garden fared well this year
Our tomato staple..the Roma.
Fresh Picked Pasta Sauce Ingredients : Roma Tomatoes, Green Bell Pepper, Sweet Yellow Onion, Red Roaster Pepper, and fresh picked basil
Sweet Mini Bell Peppers – a great snack or addition to any salsa or sauce
All In A Days Harvest : One of our bigger days of a harvest – these were pulled from the garden on the 15th of August.
Fresh Basil – washed and ready to be used in a batch of pasta sauce
One of our favorites! Red Ripe Cajun Belle Peppers – waiting to be eaten fresh or made into appetizers or put into salsa or soups.
Tangerine Dream, Cayenne, Serrano and mini bell peppers on the counter
Yukon Gold Potatoes – It was our first year to try them and they have produced well.
Sweet Yellow and Red Onions. We still have quite few in the ground but pulled these early to tie up and dry
One big colorful bowl of a days pepper picking
We have had a steady supply of carrots all year – we just keep them in the ground and pull them as needed.


Close up of a beautiful bloom from our everblooming rose bush.
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