She’s far from perfection.  A little big, a little loud – and a little old.  But Betsy is absolutely perfect for our little farm.   No, Betsy isn’t a long lost family member coming to stay with us.  And although a beast – she is not the newest animal being added to the farm.

Betsy is actually what every little farm needs. She’s a beautiful old farm truck!  Okay – beautiful to us :).  To be exact – she is a 1991 Ford F450 Diesel with dual rear axles and an 8 ½ x 8’ steel flatbed that can haul about as much as you can load on her.

Betsy – Our “new” old farm truck
The front of the old truck – she needs a little work – but all in all she’s in good shape.

There is just something special about old farm trucks. As far as I am concerned – they are right up there with great farm dogs or an old farm tractor.   I’m not even sure what it really is – but we knew from the very beginning that we had to have one some day. The older the better.

Like anything else we seem to bring to the farm – she needs a little work.  We added wood stake sides to the bed – and we’re going to have her painted with a fresh coat of white paint over the winter months – complete with Old World Garden Farm logos placed on each of her two doors.  But other than that – she is good to go – and everything we could have asked for in an old farm truck.

Even at 22 years of age – with a little less than 100,000 miles  – she still has a lot of life in her. In fact – in just the first few weeks on the job – she’s hauled mulch, straw, gravel, large loads of lumber and became the perfect platform to watch one of our kids ball games from in lawn chairs.

Just four more to go on the list!

The purchase helps us cross off lucky number 13 on our “TO DO” list for the year – and leaves us with just four more goals to cross off to complete this year’s list.  When we made out the list earlier this year – we struggled over what we needed most – an old truck – or a dedicated mower for the property.  We knew we could only do one – and we had originally decided on the mower.  Then came the drought.  We only had to mow the property five or six times throughout the first five months of spring and summer –  and hauling a mower out to the property didn’t seem all that bad for now.  However – hauling pergola wood – straw and a million other things to the farm was becoming a pain without a truck.  So when old Betsy became available for a great price – we decided to pull the trigger on the farm truck instead  –and send the mower to next years “to do” list.

We hope Betsy is here to stay with us for a long long time!

Betsy Joins The Farm
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