I can’t believe it’s that time already – another month has flown by and it’s time for October’s version of “The Farm In Pictures”.

The temperatures continue to edge down each week, and the farm is showing more and more signs that winter is close at hand.   The ornamental grasses have all come into full bloom, and the rows of tomatoes and peppers in the garden have been replaced with the thick green growth of annual rye cover crops.  Mums now bloom in the planters that held wave petunias all summer – and the only annuals left to bloom in the landscape are the poinsettia and sangria ornamental peppers – which continue to amaze us with tons of blooms as well as their hardiness.

We did manage to get the rest of the boulder and stone laid at the entrance this past week. We laid in about 100 feet of drain tile under the rock – and we should finally be able to enjoy a mud free entrance after hard rains. In the spring – we will fill the area up with more transplants of ornamental grasses and perennials.

For those of you new to the blog, we post 3x’s a week. We have a farm update each Sunday, a DIY or Gardening tip post every Tuesday and finish the week on Friday with our recipe post. So without any more words from us 🙂 – here is the farm in pictures for October…

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The Clematis is still in bloom and working it’s way slowly up the upper pergola post.
The ornamental grass transplants have really grown into the privacy wall we wanted at the upper pergola. This past week – they sent up their fall plumes and really set off the area.
Up close shot of the feathery blooms of our maiden grass.
The Garden is green in the fall – but not from vegetables. The rows are full of thick green annual rye grass planted as a cover crop.
Cayenne peppers hanging in the barn. We had so many on the vines, we just pulled the entire plant and hung upside down to dry in the barn. Later – we will grind down to make more hot pepper flakes.
The Sangria Ornamental Peppers have turned bright red and orange for fall
The last of the banana peppers are picked. These are destined for the freezer to be used later to make more hot pepper mustard.
Mums have replaced petunias in the front flower pots.
Fall has brought out the best in the Poinsettia Ornamental pepper plants – they are in full bloom
The front entrance work continues laying in tile, stone and rock
All that is left now is to fill it up with plants – a task we will tackle in early spring with more grass and perennial transplants. For now – we are just glad the wall and the drainage tile are in place to keep our driveway entrance free of mud every time it rains.
Fall is here! Here is a shot taken a few miles from the farm overlooking the valleys and hills.
Whats up doc? We keep our carrots in the ground and just pull them as we need them – they have produced well this year.
Picking Peppers
And finally, as always – the view from the top. It’s amazing how this picture that we take each month changes so much!
The Farm In Photos – Fall Version.
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