The ol’ Ford is now called “Willie”
The 37 Chevy parked outside of the reception hall.
The Truck as it looked last fall in Dad’s barn
“The Family and Dad’s Old Truck”

Thank you to everyone who sent in a name for our “new” ol’ Ford Farm Tractor last week.  We received over 125 entries through Facebook and the Blog – so we had a lot to choose from!  One in particular though stood out right away. Chris Harden from Iowa suggested we name it “Willie’.  It was the name my mom always called my dad, and it couldn’t have been more perfect.  So from here forward – Willie is our tractor’s name! And Chris – 3 jars of Mary’s Hot Pepper Mustard and the Picante Salsa are on it’s way 🙂

Speaking of  the past – when we tore down dad’s barn last year to build our new one – inside was my dad’s 1937 Chevy paneled truck.   Well, while we have been working on the barn project – my brother has been working on restoring her to her original glory as well.  Yesterday – as we celebrated his daughter’s wedding  – he brought out the old Chevy for a photo op with our entire family.   It was great to see her out again, and incredible to get a picture of all of us together.  As our family has expanded  – it’s  a lot harder to get everyone in one place.  But yesterday, we were able to crowd around the ol’ truck with my Mom and get a great family picture. With just brothers, sisters, spouses, grand and great children – it’s amazing to see how big the family has become!  And P.S…Congrats to my niece Erin and Patrick!

So, with that said – we will get to November’s photos around the farm.  You can really tell that Winter is coming!

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The tables and chairs have been put away for the year – and the upper pergola looks a little bare.
Big Mama enjoys some time outside in the cooler temperatures
The blooms of the mums in front are all but gone – fading the last of fall into winter.
The Garden is all but put to bed for the winter – the long rows all covered up with their blankets of winter rye. The cover crops are a huge boost to the garden’s soil.
Here is an up close view of the rye. It grows so thick that it really helps to choke out any weed seeds that might blow through – which really helps keep the weeds down for next year.

One of the reasons we love ornamental grasses! Here are the blooms of our tall Maiden Grass. Ornamental grasses really add a lot of fall color and texture to the landscape.

The garden signs have all been brought in for winter storage.
Digger enjoys some rays of fall sun as he scopes out the coop from the nesting boxes.
The Truck sits with a full load of leaves collected from the neighborhood.  We are waiting on the silo project to get completed to get them stored. We were not able to work on it much this past week with all of the high winds – but hopefully can finish up soon.
The leaves are all gone, and the sky is definitely showing signs that winter is near
Saving the seeds. These are a few of our Sangria Peppers that we saved from this year’s plants. We will cut them open – put the seeds in a paper towel and dry them out for next years seeds.
The Barn Pergola Patio is all bare and ready for winter. As you will see in the next picture – the barn gets pretty full in the winter months with storage of tables and chairs from outside!
The barn is starting to fill up with everything from outside that needs to be stored over the winter. I think we may need to build another one. 🙂
As always – our monthly view from the top of the hill overlooking the farm. Amazing how much it changes from month to month
November Farm Photos, A Wedding…And The Tractor Gets A Name
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