The original pergola that helped build the farm a little quicker
Trestle Table I
Trestle Table II
Stacks of the old barn rafters and wood we saved from the old barns
The trestle base structure really add the strength to carry the heavy top – and gives the table the “vintage” look

When you are trying to build a completely self-sufficient farm – you have to be able to think outside of the box for opportunities.  Most who follow along know that through the summer months, we build pergola kits and garden structures to help the farm expand a little quicker. Pergola kits that simply grew out of a few friends and family wanting us to replicate the one we built for the farm. All in all – it’s allowed us to get the orchard and vineyard purchased and planted ahead of schedule, not to mention purchase Betsy, the farm truck.

Well, when we built our 12′ trestle table for the barn back in the middle of summer – it certainly wasn’t with any of that in mind. We just wanted to build a big ol’ farm table with long benches to use for dinner parties in the barn. There was just something that appealed to Mary and I about that throwback concept of having a huge table that everyone could sit around to enjoy a family style meal. As it turns out, that idea is shared by many others too – leading us to a really neat opportunity for the farm this past week.

It wasn’t too long after building the first table we had an offer from someone who wanted it for their carriage house. We decided to part with #1 in order to put a little more into the farm – and then built trestle table II to replace it – with my promise to Mary that it would stay put.

That leads us to a few weeks back when we received an email from some really wonderful people inquiring about the farm tables, and a request to come look at what we had built for the barn. They were in the process of outfitting a new business, and wanted the “vintage old wood” look. They had noticed our tables while searching on-line – and wanted to see what they looked like in person.  So last Sunday – we had the pleasure of showing them our little farm, along with the barn and farm table.  Now before I go any further – let me say that the promise to Mary is still in tact – our big barn table remains in place.

However, the end result of their visit has become a really unique opportunity for us. After looking at our old farm table – they asked if we would build replica tables to furnish the interior of a new growler pub business they are opening up in the Columbus area.  I have to admit it will be pretty neat to know we have our farm tables being used by people everyday!  They are scheduled to open at the end of the year – so we will keep you updated and hopefully show you pictures of the finished tables in the pub when completed.  On a sad note – this may mean a slight delay in finishing up the silo in the next week!

In other news – for those of you who haven’t been to the farm blog this week – you probably noticed today that the site has undergone some big changes.   We freshened up things with a new look, which allowed us to add category tabs for finding all of our old posts.  We hope you like the new look – and please feel free to let us know your thoughts  –  it’s always good to get feedback on what you like, and what we can do to make it better.

Have a great Sunday!  Jim and Mary

Opportunity Comes Knocking On The Farm…On The Table