Building A Farm Table Trestle Frame In The Garage
Building a farm table trestle base in the garage
Assembling the computer desk in the garage a few weeks back
Assembling the computer desk in the garage a few weeks back
The driveway filled up with tabletops drying from a coat of stain
The driveway filled up with tabletops drying from a coat of stain
I think the garage looks fine in the picture...
One of my favorite pictures of the garage…and that’s because the door is closed and the scraps from building this pergola are behind it!

You might be wondering what this week’s farm update title is all about.  Quite simply, it means that Mary can park in the garage again.  That may seem like an insignificant little statement – but in our household, it means that yet another project has been completed and things can return to normal…for at least a few days.

Our garage is truly the ultimate multi-purpose room in our house.  In the  past year alone, it has served as home to a myriad of building projects, including the canning cabinet, farm table, chicken coop frame, trestle desk, pallet shelves, and mailbox project to name a few.  That, of course, leaves out anytime it rains in the spring and summer and the garage becomes the pergola workshop.

Not to be considered just a wood shop – our garage has also served as the Old World Garden Farm warehouse – at one point last year storing all of the old barn wood and beams from the two barns we tore down.   The list goes on and on…a temporary home to our 9 chicks and their home-made brooder, an alternative work out space for our freshman when it’s raining or snowing outside, and oh yes, I almost forgot,  it occasionally serves as a home to Mary’s vehicle.

These past two weeks were no different. The garage and actually even the driveway went into”work shop” mode again, as we built and stained a 12′ farm table and ten matching table tops for a new pub opening in Columbus.  On late Thursday evening, as I swept up the last of the sawdust and neatly stored the tools once again, I saw the headlights of Mary’s vehicle turning in.  I smiled, stepped aside and watched as she drove in and parked inside, enjoying her “temporary” parking space again.   As is always the custom, I sheepishly grin and say “I promise that’s the last time it ever gets that messy”.  And as is always her custom, she laughs and pretends to believe me. 🙂

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

Jim and Mary

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