The coating of winter snow
When is Spring coming?…We need the snow to melt away to get busy on our long list of spring projects.

The seed trays in the indoor seed stand are filled with our starter soil and are ready to be planted.  The new chicken coop framework is complete and lays stored in the garage, waiting to be built. The design for the window greenhouse is complete – with all of the old windows stacked in the barn waiting to be used.   Even our chicken brooder, built from old shipping crates – is set up again and ready to raise the little day-old chicks that will becoming soon.  

All we need is for the first signs of spring to FINALLY arrive!

With temperatures scheduled to finally hit the mid 40’s today…we are definitely getting close! So to keep us motivated and sane as we wait for the final bit of snow to melt away from the ground – we thought for today’s Sunday Farm Post we would select our all-time top 12 photos from the farm over the last year.


fall skies at the farm
Fall skies at the farm. I love the dark clouds contrasting with the deep red of the drying sangria ornamental peppers. The best part of this photo…Mary and I each think we took it…so who knows who gets the credit!
the rose bush
This is one of our rose-bush blooms. It was gift from my oldest sister and has a special place in our upper pergola flower bed
One of our first recaimed projects -t he building of our barn doors from old barn flooring
This will always be a favorite simply because it was one of the first reclaimed projects we completed –  the building of our barn doors from old barn flooring
I have always wanted an old tractor for the farm..and last year - we were lucky enough to get one.  We named it "Willie" after my dad.
I have always wanted an old tractor for the farm, and late last year, we were lucky enough to finally get one. We named it “Willie” after my dad.
Barn Wood Garden Signs1
This photo was taken right after we finished making the signs on our back porch – I love the fact that we were able to make them from left over old barn wood from my Dad’s barn
The barn pergola patio and planters in full bloom.  It is our favorite space to sit at the farm.
the gren pepper
This photo was snapped in the garden just after a rain.  It was taken by Nolan, the youngest in the family and an aspiring photographer.
the kids
The chicken coop photo.  This was taken by some friends of their 3 kids during our barn party last year.
Mary snapped this photo of George…yes – we know it’s a hen with a boys name…but George was so curious as a chick that it became her name
Poinsettia Ornamental Peppers
This photo captures why we love ornamental peppers so much. These are our Poinsettia Ornamental Peppers in full bloom at the upper pergola area.
The Garden In Full Swing.  One of our favorites form our very first garden in 2011.
The Garden In Full Swing. This is a photo from our very first garden in 2011.
The Barn we built from two old barns
Our recycled barn…this photo was taken in late fall 2012.
Our Top 12 All-Time Photos From The Farm – Looking Back To Stay Motivated Through The Winter
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