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Sharing Among Family And Friends - Pergolas & Garden Classes - Old World Garden Farms

Garden Classes

Yesterday was an exciting day as we hosted our first ever OWG Garden Class and Tour at the farm.

The Farm on Garden class Day
The Farm on Garden class Day

We will have a complete story on the day for next weekend’s update (along with pictures of course) – but I have to say that it was so incredibly fun for us to spend the afternoon with so many wonderful people from all over Ohio and beyond – in fact – we even had a couple make it all the way from Canada!

Fellow gardeners are truly some of the most wonderful people you will ever meet – and it was such a great way to spend the afternoon.

The Project starts - putting in the first two posts
The Project starts – putting in the first two posts

Family Building Days

This has been a busy spring for sure – but a few weekends ago, we were finally able to have a little time to get together at my sister and brother-in-law’s house to tackle a project we have been planning for over a year – a backyard pergola!

After a major remodeling project left them without their original backyard brick patio – they wanted to create a new area to sit outside and of course, enjoy my brother-in-law Carlton’s beloved backyard pond.

Setting the purlin boards
Setting the purlin boards

There is just something about spending the day building with family.  I think back, and at one time or another, all of my brother and sisters have ended up at each other’s house at some point for a project – whether it be a deck, refinishing a basement – landscaping, building swingsets – or in our case – showing up to help us set our barn rafters!

I’m not sure my brother-in-law quite believed us when we told him we could have it up for them in a few hours  – but with the help of their son Jeremy – we made quick work of the project.

My brother-in-law gets the  brick ready for the patio
My brother-in-law gets the brick ready for the patio

In fact – a little too quick – as we neared completion of the pergola in a few hours – we noticed that my brother-in-law had begun to bring out all of the patio brick to put down as well – he was going to make use of the extra hands while he had us!

So with the help of everyone passing along the bricks and putting them in place – the patio came to life as well!  All in all – another great day spent with family.

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Happy Gardening!

Jim and Mary – Old World Garden Farms

The completed pergola and patio with 3 generations of family. My brother-in-law Carlton, son Jeremy – and Grandson Aiden.
Sharing Among Family And Friends – Pergolas & Garden Classes
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