Even though the snow and cold of winter’s dark days will be upon us soon enough – it doesn’t mean it’s time to forget about your garden.

In fact, wintertime is actually the perfect time to plan, prepare and create all kinds of garden projects to help make next year’s growing season a huge success!

Whether you are planning to grow your first veggies ever – or a seasoned veteran of the backyard garden – now is the time to make sure you have everything ready you’ll need next spring to hit the ground running – or should I say hit the garden planting!

Here are 4 wintertime projects you can do to help chase away the blahs – and get ready for growing next Spring!

4 Wintertime Projects For The Garden

Plan Your Garden Out On Paper – Now!

Our 2015 Garden Plan
Our 2015 Garden Plan

Taking time to plan your garden over the winter months is one of the most important and overlooked chores each year.

By planning now – you can figure out the best ways to get the most from the available space in your garden, and make the most of your family’s food goals.

It also allows you to get a jump-start on what seeds to order – and when to start them indoors.

Last but not least – it lets you figure out what to put where – taking advantage of plants that grow well beside each other (companion planting), and what plants best handle the sunny or shady areas of your garden. Here are a few of our favorite planning and planting articles:

The Garden Plan – Growing What We Love To Eat 

The Basics of Companion Planting

Growing A Garden For Canning – How To PLAN TO CAN and Save Big!

Build A Compost Bin (And start that compost pile!)

A compost bin is a must for any garden
A compost bin is a must for any garden

What is the best thing you can do to build great soil?  Add compost!  Here is our post on how to build a backyard compost bin from pallets that can have you making your own “black gold” in no time at all!

And once you have it built – don’t wait until Spring to get started! Check out our post on where and how to find free compost materials the year around – and get composting!

How To Use Pallets To Build Your Own Double Compost Bin for under $15

8 Great Tips For Finding FREE Compost Materials

Build Your Own Seed Starting Rack


We start almost all of our seeds on our home built seed starting rack
We start almost all of our seeds on our home built seed starting rack

One of the most rewarding experiences for a home gardener is starting their own seeds indoors.

It’s an incredibly satisfying feeling to make a tiny seed grow into a plant that feeds you and your family. It also can be a tremendous cash saver to grow your own – especially when it comes to hard to find heirloom varieties.

You can help pass the winter doldrums by building your very own seed starting rack or table top stand – and be ready to go next Spring to grow your own veggie plants from seed! Here are 2 easy to follow, step-by-step plans to get you started:

Build a Seed Starting Rack – Cheap!

Building an Inexpensive Table Top Seed Starting Stand

Build A Few Straw Bale Crates to Grow Veggies Anywhere Next Year!

Crates are a great way to grow veggies in small spaces
Crates are a great way to grow veggies in small spaces

Straw bale crate gardens are a great way to grow a few vegetables anywhere!  With just a few pallets or a couple of pieces of scrap lumber – you can create some simple and attractive growing crates that make gardening simple and easy for growers of all ages.

You can also use the crates to grow a great crop of potatoes in a small space – an idea we have used the last few years to grow all of our potatoes. You can check out both articles here:

The Straw Bale Pallet Crate Garden – Simple, Attractive – And Cheap!

Growing Potatoes With Potato Crates

So don’t let Ol’ Man Winter get your love of gardening down – get busy on a few wintertime garden projects of your own – and before you know it – it will be time to plant!

Happy Gardening – Jim and Mary

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4 Wintertime Projects To Get Your Garden Prepared For Next Year
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