bread recipesThere is nothing quite like the taste of homemade bread. The smell of baking bread in the oven can fill a home with a near intoxicating aroma.

Many of the recipes we make are passed down from our families, and keep alive the traditions of the quality and goodness of long ago. Others are new recipes that we have tried out to develop to put a healthier flair.

We hope you enjoy them all!

Our Bread Recipes 

All Wheat Pita Bread Recipe

I have to admit, I am a bread lover - pita bread included.  I could eat bread at every meal, and even for a snack late at night. However, in my quest to balance my diet I have cut back on consuming breads considerably and when I do, I stick to whole wheat or whole…

Bread Pudding With Bourbon Sauce

You can't get a much more classic dessert than Bread Pudding. In fact, history records indicate that this southern dish has been served since the 12th century. This recipe came out necessity. It was a fantastic way to eliminate the waste of stale bread. Add in a little milk, eggs, sugar and spices, and a…

Hot Cross Buns Recipe – An Easter Weekend Tradition

I have to admit, I had never heard of Hot Cross Buns until just a few years ago. I wanted to make Sweet Rolls for a family brunch that we had scheduled. So I went to my computer and began to search for recipes. There were Hawaiian Rolls, Sweet Rolls, Cinnamon Rolls and Hot Cross…