Weeds are truly the enemy of gardeners all around the globe! They destroy the look and vitality of vegetable gardens, flower gardens and lawns, and the hearts of home gardeners everywhere.

See how to eliminate and control weeds for good, and spend more time enjoying your yard this year!


How To Use Mulch To Stop Weeds In Your Vegetable Garden – Forever!

If you want to stop endless weeding chores, and produce more vegetables than ever in your garden this year - mulch is the answer. But it is how you mulch, and what you mulch with that can make all the difference. The list of benefits for using mulch in the garden is long and powerful.…

7 Quick Garden Tips To Keep Your Garden Beautiful This Summer!

We have all been there. One day, its late Spring and the garden is growing beautifully - and in the blink of an eye - summer rolls in and it all becomes a tangled jungle of weeds & bugs!  But don't despair - with  a few routine quick and easy garden tips, you can keep…