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Perennial Plants & Care - Old World Garden Farms

Perennials are a great way to add lasting color and beauty to your landscape! Not only do the come back year after year, they can be divided and split to create new plants for free!

Here is a look at all of our articles on perennials in the landscape – from planting, to dividing, splitting and more.

Perennial Plants – 5 Great Choices For Summer Planting And Lasting Color!

When it comes to creating low maintenance, long-lasting summer color, perennial plants are a must. And summer is the perfect time to plant and get them started in the landscape! Although annuals like Petunias, Geraniums and Impatiens provide big splashes of…

Dividing Perennials In The Summer – Create Tons Of New Plants For FREE!

When the hot sun and sizzling heat of summer begins to set in late June, July and August - many think it may be too hot or too late to create new plants from the ones already in…