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The Raised Row Garden Method – Step By Step

Check out our top articles below on this page to learn how to create, plant, care and maintain a Raised Row Garden. The easy way to garden that reduces weeds in your garden to near zero!

Our Raised Row, No-Till Garden provides us with thousands of pounds of vegetables each year. It is truly THE answer to having great home-grown produce. All without having to spend countless hours weeding, tilling, hoeing and spraying.

Check out our podcast on How To Create A Raised Row Garden!

And for the ultimate RR Gardening resource, take a look at our 200 page book “Raised Row Gardening” – a complete resource for everything Raised Row!

The Raised Row Garden Resource Guide

How To Create A Simple, Weed-Free, Low-Maintenance Vegetable Garden

Garden season is around the corner - so how about making this the year to create an incredible low-maintenance vegetable garden! You can actually do it quite easily. And, believe it or not, it can be weed-free. All without having to spend hours upon hours in the garden. Even better, you don't need a rototiller or…

An Incredible Record Setting Harvest – Raised Row Garden Magic!

It has been simply nothing short of a record-setting harvest for our raised row garden this year! To date, over 1000 tomatoes, 100+ green bell peppers, and a few hundred more of both sweet and hot peppers have been pulled from the garden. And that all comes on the heels of a huge cucumber, zucchini,…

6 Simple Garden Tools – The Only Tools Needed For An Amazing Garden!

All it takes is a few simple garden tools to have an amazing, weed free, and highly productive garden. In fact, as we see it, 6 just about does the trick just perfectly! This past week, we received a wonderful email from a Wisconsin gardener explaining how he had decided to switch this year to…

One Big Day Today! – Can You Please Help Us With A Dream?

Today is the day! I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that there has never been a day that we have been more excited, jubilant, nervous, proud, humbled and scared all at the same time. But that is exactly what we are feeling at the very moment you read these words. [caption id="attachment_31344" align="alignright"…

The Raised Row Gardening Book -The Ultimate Guide To Simple Gardening!

Our Raised Row Gardening Book is now a reality! When we first began our little experimental raised row garden seven years ago, we never imagined how truly fun and simple gardening could really be! The advantages of raised row gardening are almost too good to…

Mid-Summer Garden Photos – It’s Harvest Time In Full Color

Mid-Summer Garden Photos from Old World Garden Farms. Summertime is here, and that means our Raised Row Garden is bursting at the seams with fresh produce!  From fresh cabbage to…

6 Big Tips To Keep Tomato Plants Healthy And Productive In The Summer

Summer has arrived and the heat is on, and that means tomato season is here! We depend heavily on our tomato crop to stock our pantry to enjoy pasta sauce, salsa, tomato juice, ketchup, barbecue sauce and more for the entire year - so getting the most from every plant is a must. (See: Top OWG…
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