Almost all visitors to the farm want to see the chickens! In fact,  ”The Coop” as we call it – is usually the first place visitors to the farm go to see.  Our coop has been home since early 2011 to our little flock (we started with nine).

With a few minutes of care each day – they have provided us with a little over 4 dozen eggs each week – and maybe even more importantly – an incredible supply of organic matter for our compost bins.

It’s amazing how each of our chickens has developed their own personality.  Click below on the links to read any of the posts on our ladies.

Chickens sentenced to 6 months in a minimum security prison

While working at the farm this past weekend - we decided that it is time.  Our girls, the chickens, need to have more of an assigned "designated area".  During the building of the farm, the chickens have…

Predator vs. Prey

So by now you know our chickens......Amelia, George, Big Momma, Sherman, etc....  Of course, every time we go out to 'The Farm' they look for us to let them out of the coop so they can roam the land.  Now that the garden has been cleared,…