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Our DIY Projects & Tips

We have built Old World Garden Farms on the cheap by practicing the art of recycle -reuse and repurpose.   Our goal has always been to show that giving new life to old items can be more than just a savings to your pocketbook – and a way to create and make your home, garden – and in our case, farm – a beautiful place to live.  Here are our DIY projects at “The Farm” – just click on the picture for a direct link to the story.

barn door headboardseed starting stand

6 must have tools

16 Comments on Our DIY Projects & Tips

  1. Love your blog! It gets me into all kinds of …um….yeah, I’ll say it – trouble! But its good trouble, if there is such a thing! My question has to do with pallet construction. When building a structure with pallets, how do you attach the pallets vertically, say 2 or 3 pallets high and how do you attach them horizontally? I assume the main wooden members of the pallet are vertical?

  2. Hi, I was trying to get information on your old coop and how you built it but the picture is not a live link. It says “This page is not available.” Wondered if it was somewhere else or if you took it off?

    • And by-the-way, I love your blogs and your farm. You are such an inspiration to me!! Thank you!!

    • Hi Kim – sorry about the page – It should be good to go now – somehow it had a missing link. It is one of our first posts ever – so it has some info on the coop – but not as much detail as our others. If you have any other questions once you read it – you can just email me and I will be glad to to help in any way i can. Thanks and so glad you enjoy the blog! Jim

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