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Our DIY Projects & Tips

We have built Old World Garden Farms on the cheap by practicing the art of recycle -reuse and repurpose.   Our goal has always been to show that giving new life to old items can be more than just a savings to your pocketbook – and a way to create and make your home, garden – and in our case, farm – a beautiful place to live.  Here are our DIY projects at “The Farm” – just click on the picture for a direct link to the story.

barn door headboardseed starting stand

6 must have tools

17 Comments on Our DIY Projects & Tips

  1. Hi, regarding the barn door headboard where did you find the lantern hooks? Trying to find smaller swivel hooks like those but so far no luck. Thanks

  2. Love your blog! It gets me into all kinds of …um….yeah, I’ll say it – trouble! But its good trouble, if there is such a thing! My question has to do with pallet construction. When building a structure with pallets, how do you attach the pallets vertically, say 2 or 3 pallets high and how do you attach them horizontally? I assume the main wooden members of the pallet are vertical?

  3. Hi, I was trying to get information on your old coop and how you built it but the picture is not a live link. It says “This page is not available.” Wondered if it was somewhere else or if you took it off?

    • And by-the-way, I love your blogs and your farm. You are such an inspiration to me!! Thank you!!

    • Hi Kim – sorry about the page – It should be good to go now – somehow it had a missing link. It is one of our first posts ever – so it has some info on the coop – but not as much detail as our others. If you have any other questions once you read it – you can just email me and I will be glad to to help in any way i can. Thanks and so glad you enjoy the blog! Jim

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