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Thursday 19th of March 2020

I made your honey strawberry jam recipe..I have a says 3 and ,3/4 cup of finished product taste like honey and not that a typo...I noticed on you hot pot recipe you only require a lb of honey which is a lot less....


Friday 20th of March 2020

The taste will depend on two factors, the strawberries and the type of honey that you use. Many store bought strawberries don't have much sweetness to them or a strong strawberry flavor. Thus, more honey is required (and therefore you may get a stronger honey flavor). However, fresh, ripe strawberries have a much stronger flavor and less honey is required for sweetness. And the other factor is what type of honey that you use. We use clover honey that is local to our area, which has a very mild flavor. You can definitely decrease the amount of honey when you make this recipe to adjust the flavor to your preference. Hope that helps.