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Pergolas - Old World Garden Farms
One of our favorites we have ever built – this one is 16 x 16.

The classic style of a pergola can bring any landscape to life. Not only do they provide shade, shelter, and a quiet sitting area, they work great as a place to grow grapes, climbing roses or clematis.

Pergola’s have certainly played a big part in the building of our farm. In fact, it was the first structure we ever built.

This page is dedicated to all of our articles on the wonderful outdoor structure. From how we built ours at the farm, to how to build your own without breaking the bank.

If you are serious about building your own beautiful pergola, be sure to check out our step by step plans in our Etsy shop: OWG Pergola Plans

For just $10, they are simple to follow, with plenty of pictures to show you everything you need to create your own beautiful outdoor structure. Why spend thousands when you can build your own for a few hundred dollars?  For some great inspiration, take a look at our pergola articles below.


The Secrets To Building A Beautiful Pergola Without Breaking The Bank

The timeless look of a pergola compliments almost any style of landscape. Besides their intricate beauty - they provide shade, shelter, a quiet sitting or outdoor dining spot -  and even a place to grow climbing roses, clematis or grapes. One of our favorites we have ever built - this one is 16 x 16.…

Building A Hillside Vineyard Pergola – A Place To Enjoy The Outdoors

So what to do when you have some old left over wooden windows, a pile of reclaimed brick and a hillside area that needs a focal point?  Build a hillside pergola of course! Actually, as…

Tips To Building Your Own Beautiful Pergola!

Ever since building our very first pergola for the farm a few years back - our pergola building process has turned in to a part time "hobby" - making quite a few more for friends, families and others.  ( See : Building Our Farm One Pergola At A Time). And, after a lot of prodding from readers -…

The Barn Pergola And The 1 Year Anniversary Of The Blog

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of our blog.  So we thought for today's anniversary post - we would feature our favorite project of the last year - our recycled barn pergola and patio. Everybody always seems to have that one spot…

Creating Your Own Outdoor Paradise

Beyond getting to meet so many spectacular people - one of the most rewarding aspects of building our pergolas is knowing that they become a special place for people from all over to enjoy their own backyard space. Creating An Outdoor Room - We were blown away when we saw what Robin and her husband…