The Simple House Project

The Simple House Project is our 12 month series on designing, building and creating our home at the farm.  You can find all of our past articles at the bottom of this page. Over the course of 2016 – we will publish an

Garden Resource Page

Welcome to our Garden Resource Page. A page dedicated to over 100 of our gardening articles, tips, tricks and hints. Everything from starting your own seeds or a low maintenance raised row garden – to planting, harvesting and everything in

Old World Garden Farms

About Us

Welcome to Old World Garden Farms! Just six short years ago on a crisp fall weekend, we began work on what we now call Old World Garden Farms. A little 3 acre plot of land in the middle of Ohio,

Featured Recipe Pages

Check out the most popular recipe pages on our site. Knock out preservatives with our self-sufficient recipes. Find a new appetizer for your next party, or check out all of our canning recipes from the garden!

Featured Farm Stories

From our weekly Sunday Farm Update articles that tell the entire history of the farm, to our Recycled Barn Project of building our barn from two turn-of-the-century barns about to be torn down, here are some of our favorite posts from the farm:

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