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The Barn Project

barn11.jpgThe idea came with a simple pencil drawing over the winter of 2010-2011. It was what we hoped would someday become the barn to our little farm. I’m not even sure how it really started, but the dream grew from that one little drawing.

The Barn II ProjectOur hope was to be able to build the barn using some reclaimed lumber. What it became was a project of tearing down two old barns and building a new one from it.  It continues to be a work in progress and a labor of love.

You can click on any of the links below to view any of our previous article on our barn project.





2 Comments on The Barn Project

  1. I absolutely love your barn! Any chance you would share the Floorplan and building materials list? Would love to recreate this on our 1840’s farm.

  2. G’day Guys,
    Just found your site looking for pallet projects and also came across your barn project. Must say I also built a few sheds out of other peoples sheds to house just about everything on the farm. Although not as ornate as your barn (I’d slap mine up in a couple of weekends just to get the stuff inside)!
    Actually I was going to rip down the original shed on my place, use pallets for the walls and recycle the cladding and some timber from the old shed (which has been up for 60 years and built from the old school house in the area). It leaks, wind blows though every crack and is so cramped with too many sections added on over years (even though it’s about 9×8 metres).
    Anyways just a note to say I like the site and some cool projects
    Pete in Australia

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