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Who We Are and Why We Do What We Do

Who We Are

On a recent weekend – we had the rare occasion of having the weekend off.  The kids had no softball or baseball games scheduled.  There were no school events that we needed to “volunteer” for 🙂 – and no place in particular we  had to be. So what did we do?

Ok…probably more of who we are at the farm 🙂

Instead of those things that some might consider to be fun and restful, like sleeping in or taking a mini-vacation –  we were out at the farm – working together, and putting in two full days mowing, gardening, planting and dreaming.

And you know why?  Because it is what WE TRULY LOVE!  It really is that simple.

Some of our closest friends…and no – unfortunately, they don’t help out on the farm

So many people who write to us at the blog from all over ask who we really are – and I have always thought the little tab on our blog entitled “How It All Started” says it best:  We’re far from “hippies” – we don’t aspire to live off the “grid”, and in spite of our children and friends constant ribbing – we don’t wish to make our clothes from hemp. We’re actually pretty regular run of the mill people who have become committed to a more simple approach to life and want to be responsible for a majority of the food we eat – and help conserve the resources we consume.

We both came from great families who gardened, and both have fond childhood memories of working alongside our parents in the garden and kitchen. We remember homegrown meals, and great winter dishes made from the food we grew and canned in the summer. We both realize now that it was some of the best times we ever had, and strive to once again create a household that embraces those values responsibly. Simply put – to do things the best way possible for us and the land.  Nothing more – and nothing less.

So as I write this tonight – I can tell you this is how we view this past weekend of farm work.   It was nothing short of spectacular! Perfect temperatures – beautiful sunny days – with no humidity – and doing what we both love to do together – work on our farm.  It is and will always be a work in progress – but each day it gets a little better – feeds us a little more – and makes our future a little more certain and secure.

So when friends ask us why we work so hard at it  – we usually just smile and say: “it’s never work – it’s what we love to do”  And that truly is who we are and why we do what we do.

– Jim & Mary