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The Farm and Garden in Pictures – First Week of June

It’s hard to believe all the changes in just one month – but what a difference a week makes. This is the 2nd part of our Spring, Summer and Fall series called “The Farm and Garden in Pictures”.  June’s pictures have brought many changes – the garden has sprung to life – more work was completed on the barn and landscape – and all of the transplanted grasses and perennials are starting to really take hold.  So here is our little farm in early June :

Upper fence row – all the transplants have really filled in – an all in bloom

Sugar snap peas are in full production – most of the time they don’t make it home from the vines when we pick them!

Fresh Spring Onions from the Garden

The upper garden – all of the tomatoes and peppers are setting flowers and growing fast

The lower garden is growing well – potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, lettuce peas and green beans

The front landscaping and daylilies transplants are all starting to fill in

Still a good supply of Lettuce, Radishes and Onions to make this salad

The first jalapeno appears…

Zucchini has really taken off in the last few weeks.

Sherman surveys the farm from his front porch.

The upper pergola grass transplants are really taking off – we are really hoping they will form a back hedge for the pergola

The reclaimed brick patio nears completion – progress now extends out past the posts

The Cajun Belle pepper – baby peppers are now on almost all of the vines

The Big Mama tomato plant – so far our trial on this plant holds promising results – we already have four to five big tomatoes on the plant.

The tomatoes are all nestled in their stake-a cage’s – the rain from last Thursday and Friday has sent them into a growth spurt