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The Barn Party In Pictures

Well – #25 finally got crossed off the list! Host a Barn Party. We had our first of what we hope will become an annual barn party event for our family and friends. We couldn’t have been more fortunate with everything : great weather – great help from friends and family setting up and tearing down – and great food!  It certainly made all of the work of building it seem worthwhile to finally have it be enjoyed.  The pictures tell it best – so here is the our first barn party in review :

One of my favorite pictures of the day was taken by friends Britt and Jonathon as their  kids looked in on the chickens

Mary’s Dad (Dick), Brother (Rich), Sister in law (Teresa) and Nephew (Greg) enjoying the barn pergola patio.

The just finished 12′ trestle table got a work out from family and friends!

My Mom with the newest edition to the family – her 13th great grandchild

Mary’s Mom (Candy) and Dad (Dick)  sitting up at the upper pergola area. Visiting from Florida – they were so helpful getting everything ready for the party.

Nolan (son) was taking on all challengers in corhole

A Cousin Reunion – Loryn (daughter) and Erin (Niece)

Friends Scott and Amy who have a little farm as well – they informed us they almost jokingly brought us a barn warming gift of a new baby goat that was born on their farm the night before!

What’s better than a galvanized stock tank to ice down and hold all the drinks!

The day brought lots of tours of the garden – thankfully it was prime garden season so there were plenty of samples to go around

Our neighbors Dave and Debbie enjoying a day at the farm. They are wonderful people and fantastic neighbors!

The barn held up well – here my brother Bob tests out the sturdiness of the loft ladder. He had plenty of practice on it when we put up the roof rafters! Hopefully for next year’s party we can have the brick floor installed inside.

My nephew Ryan, Brother In Law Brian and my niece’s future husband Andy

All of the commotion didn’t seem to keep the bees from their job of pollinating

Mary and Sarah take a moment to pose

Wes (son) and Olivia get the campfire going

The view from the upper pergola – It was nice to see people on the patio!

Morgan (great-niece) enjoying herself at the barn party

Our Friends Kelsey, BJ and their son Leighton pose for a picture behind the barn

Dave and John enjoying a beverage in the barn