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“The Gardeners Resource Page” – Simple Gardening Tips And Hints For All Garden Lovers

It seems like there is always something more to learn when it comes to gardening.

Click The Pic To See The New Page

Click The Picture To See Our New Garden Resource Page

Although  we have discovered so much over the years in our own garden from trial and error – we never pass up the chance to talk to other gardeners to find out what has worked best for them. Besides, in my estimation, fellow gardeners are some of the nicest, most wonderful people to be around – and they love to talk and share about their craft as much as we do!

We have learned a lot from those conversations – like planting tomatoes with a few crushed eggs shells and a tablespoon of coffee grounds in each planting hole keeps them from suffering wilt and black rot.  We picked that one up a few years back – and it works wonders! Why? It helps to add calcium and a little nitrogen to the soil as they break down. (See : How To Get The Most From Your Tomatoes)

We love talking to gardeners!

We love talking to gardeners!

Others taught me about companion planting rules – like planting beans with corn gives you a great crop of both – or that if you plant tomatoes next to your potatoes – you are asking for trouble.  

We realized the other day that over the course of the last few years – we have put a lot of these tips out in the form of our articles – but never in one spot on the website as a resource for gardeners of all ages.

A green bell pepper glistens after a rain in the garden.

A green bell pepper glistens after a rain in the garden.

So for this weeks article – that’s just what we did – by creating and launching a new page we call “The Gardener’s Resource Page”. (See: Gardener’s Resource Page)

It’s a way to try to pass along everything we have learned from others and our own experiences in a single – easy to find resource-style page. Everything from composting tips – to making your own organic fertilizer and hot pepper bug sprays. From how to grow, store and cure garlic – to planting fruit trees – and 100 other topics covering everything in between.

Gardening should always be FUN!

Gardening should always be FUN!

We hope you enjoy it – and hope it helps. Of course, the one most important tip to always remember when it comes to gardening – is that above and beyond anything else – keep it simple and fun!

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Happy Gardening!  Jim and Mary