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Our Top 10 Photos From The Farm For 2014

As we do every year around Christmas time – we look back and select our “Top 10 Favorite Photos” taken at the farm throughout the year. Some are selected for the beautiful colors that mother nature provides through all four seasons – while others – like the picture of our first grapes to ever appear in our little vineyard – are simply selected because of their personal meaning.

We would also like to take this time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

And with that – here are our top 10 photos – we hope you enjoy!

The Farm - mid summer 2014

Looking across the farm in Mid Simmer

The strawberry popcorn drying on the stalks

The bright red kernels of our strawberry popcorn drying on the stalks in late September

An up close of one of the sangria baskets

The bright purple and red blooms of our Sangria ornamental peppers in late July

Home Grown Heirloom Tomatoes

A brightly colored bowl of our heirloom tomatoes – you simply can’t beat the flavor of heirloom tomatoes!

Santa posing for a picture in front of the barn

Santa posing for a picture in front of the barn in December.  Growing up, Santa used to stand each Christmas in front Jim’s Dad’s old barn – some of which was recycled into our new barn.

The finished project

Our first fire in our new fire pit we built this past year.

apple cinnamon jam

Freshly canned Apple-Cinnamon Jelly – A new favorite treat and recipe of Mary’s!

Its a good feeling to know that everything grown on our farm is based upon pure organic principals

A favorite picture of the farm in early fall – it is hard to believe this was all overgrown grass just four short years ago.

fall pergola

The upper pergola in August – this was our first pergola ever built at the farm and remains one of our favorite spaces to enjoy


Our first grapes to form in our little vineyard! Although we pruned many of the starters off this year to encourage stronger growth in coming years – we left these few to see the first fruits of our labor.