We really need to be careful of what we write in our Sunday Farm Update each week – because sometimes, our readers take us up on an offer!

About a year ago – we published an article on how the building of a single pergola for our little place had helped inadvertently create our dream of the farm at warp speed.  See: How Pergolas Helped Build Our Farm.

The barn pergola - the second pergola to go up at the farm
The barn pergola – the second pergola to go up at the farm

For those new to the story – when we first started OWG back in the fall of 2010 – there was no recycled barn, no bees, no little vineyard, no fruit trees, and not a single chicken or coop to be found at the “farm”. As our first “structure” –  we built and erected a classic hand-notched old-world pergola to give us a little shelter – and add a little character to the farm.

To ease the process – we built the pergola in our suburban home’s driveway as a “kit” that could then easily be taken down and put up permanently at the farm.  As it went up in our driveway, we suddenly had a few offers from those passing by to build a kit for them – and a little hobby was born, Others wanted to build their own and asked for detailed plans – so we created step by step plans as well.  See: OWG DIY Pergola Plans    

A pergola kit all cut and ready to go
A pergola kit all cut and ready to go

So back now to the Sunday Update story from last year; We had mentioned in the update that since building those first few pergolas – people had come from as far away as four of our neighboring states to pick up kits – and that we had someday considered taking a little “pergola tour” to build a few on the road simply for a little weekend fun and adventure.

In theory, it was actually a pretty neat little concept to us – especially since Mary nor myself ever pass up a chance to travel and love to head out for a weekend and explore another city. Saying that – I am still pretty sure neither of us ever thought “The Pergola Tour” would come to fruition.

Of course, that is when late this past year we were entertained by a couple of emails mentioning that article – and wondering if we were serious about building a few “on the road”.

The very first pergola we ever built.
The very first pergola we ever built.

One was from a long-time friend and blog follower asking if we could build a couple of our pergolas for a big wedding.  Two more were from landscapers who wanted to know if we would build pergolas for a couple of Home and Garden show models. So – as we always do – we thought it over and said “why not?” To take it a step beyond –  we simply put the word out that we would have a few of these for sale after the wedding and events and would deliver – and they pre-sold to locals in those communities within a few days.

Long story short – our friend was able to get his two pergolas for the wedding free, while a few local residents got a custom-built pergola at a huge discount delivered to their house – and best of all – we get a little mini weekend getaway to deliver and enjoy the city. – WIN- WIN – WIN!

So over the course of the next few months and before the big “Garden” season hits – we will take a few weekends here and there to hit the road to Nashville, Tn, Indianapolis, IN, Louisville, KY  and Cincinnati, OH to build and deliver a few of our pergolas and take in the food, sights and scenery of the cities.

You only have one chance at this life – and you really just simply have to live it as best as you can  and take in as much as you can while you are doing it.  It should be a lot of fun!

Okay – enough about pergolas – what about this “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT”???

On that topic of “why not” and following dreams….we are about to embark on something even more meaningful to both of us.

In the garden, one of our favorite places to be!
In the garden, one of our favorite places to be!

For long before either of us can remember, and long before we ever met – we both had an individual dream of writing and publishing a book.

In fact, that goal has appeared on our annual “To Do” list now for the last 4 years, and next Sunday, we will launch an effort to finally co-write, produce and self publish that book – and fulfill a life-time goal and dream.

There are so many others across the world that share our love of gardening, cooking, canning and a DIY lifestyle. People from all walks of life who want to follow their dreams, grow more of their own food, cook their own meals, and be responsible for what they consume. – and do it in a simple style!

And in a nutshell is exactly what our book is about. The working title is straight from our experiences –  Growing Simple – Living a DIY lifestyle of Gardening, Cooking, Canning and Creating!

owglogoscriptFull of stories from the garden, kitchen and our daily life – we hope it helps to  spread the word and inspire others to garden, cook and can – along with recycling, rebuilding and recreating what you need using a low budget and zero-debt philosophy.

It is a huge undertaking for us and we both gladly admit a bit daunting, and yes –  downright scary. But then again, would it be fun without the challenge? Of course not!

So we hope that you will look out for the announcement next Sunday in our weekly update – and help us along in the journey.  We definitely will need your help!

One last thing – if you have a moment – let us know your thoughts on the book in the comments section below.  As always, we are the lucky ones getting to share with you as well as learn from you each week – and your thoughts and comments over the last few years have been as much a part of our success with the farm as any actions of our own – and for that  – Thank You!

As always – Happy Gardening – Mary and Jim!

Old World Garden Hits The Road – Pergola Style! – And A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT
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