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WE ARE SO CLOSE!! Help us over the top with the Growing Simple Book Project and Tour!!!

Jim and MaryWE ARE SO CLOSE !!! Help Us Get There!  As of tonight, are now at 90% of the goal and only $793.00 to Reach Funding for our Growing Simple Book Project and Tour!!! ***UPDATE as of 9:32 EST-we are now within $363.00 – so close!

Any donation gets your name on our garden plaque, a $10 pledge gets your name in the credits of the book – $30 for the ebook and your name in credits – $75 gets you a signed hard bound copy of the book and your name in credits.

If you can – please Pledge, Share and Help!

Thank you so much for supporting Old World Garden Farms Dreams – You have all been incredible! Just click the link and hit the Back This Project Button to donate  :  Old World Garden Book and Tour Project

Thank you to :  Rob and Jen F, Kelsey F, Ted V, Katie H, Joe C, Andrew C, Ken M, Lara M, Mary H, Sydelle D, Sara T-B, Daphne C, Tina W, Lisa C-S and Alice Loyd, Rachel, Melissa S, Arlene J, Judith M, Tikva J, Julie B, Bob R, Rick and Ruth Ann R, Jan B, Todd T, Brenda H, Heather A, Marlene J, Sharon H, Mary P, Cheri S, Tricia P, Carolyn M, Vikki J, Rick D, Reta P, Susanne D, Christina N, Dee Dee B, Carla H, Andy B, Peter B, Bonnie, Carol O, Evan and Karen K, Ruby O, Donna, Victoria and Robert C. Cheryl H, Deb R, Therese K-K, Amy O, Jeff and Kristen R, Brandye, Elaine H, Michael C, Jim F, Ed and Donna P, Charlene K, Teresa K,Vicki S-V, Penny P, Jeff, Veronica S, Mary B, Codi and John, Chris M, Karen S, Bruno K, Sarah F,Dawna, Mary Beth J, Louann H, Vivian S. V-B, Jill E, Allisa H, Megan J, Maryse S, Jessica S, Brian J, KarriAnn S, Carol W, Sean L, Nancy S, James F, MTC Columbus, James L, Linda S, Andre F, Carol H, Owen and Aidan L, Kelli D, Christy D,Sam W, New Castle Custom Homes, Mike M, RIchard Z, Brad M, Jim and Pattie W, Isabella H,Bill-Susan L, Lori C, Raelyn H-S, Brad G, Tony G, Ruth H, Anita O, Marissa S, Mary Ann J, Howard and Shirley S, Angie S, Jo M, Gail P, Brad and Holly W, Stephanie H, Theresa G, Carlton and MaryAnne R, Nancy and Heather F!