Of all of the crazy ideas we have ever dreamed up – we can now say that our little “Pergola Tour” has turned out to be one of our favorites! Just as garden season is set to hit full swing – we wrapped up the last of our mini-weekend trips and visits to build and deliver a few of our pergolas to cities in the Midwest and South.

One of our pergolas now up in Louisville
One of our pergolas now up in Louisville

It never ceases to amaze either of us how many great people there are all over the country – and our little pergola tour gave us the chance to meet so many of them!

From an airline pilot and his wife in Nashville, TN – to a wonderful couple in Louisville, KY that gave us some of their native country’s vegetable seeds as a gift to try at our farm – we met so many great people during the weekend trips.

For us – it turned out to be a perfect way to spend a little time away and enjoy some of the local flavor in nearby cities. At the same time – it’s a pretty neat feeling to know that our pergolas are now up in Indianapolis, Indiana, Louisville, Kentucky and Nashville, Tennessee.

How The Pergola Tour Came To Be…

Ever since building our farm’s first pergola back in 2011 – it seems each year we get requests to build a few more for others. And in a Sunday Farm Update during the Summer of 2014, we had mentioned that we had someday considered taking a little “pergola tour” to build a few on the road, simply for some weekend fun and adventure.

The truck and trailer with a full load of 4 pergolas heading to Indianapolis
The truck and trailer with a full load of 4 pergolas heading to Indianapolis

Well, that “mentioning” turned into reality when last winter we received a few emails with a couple of requests to build and take a few pergolas with us on the road for delivery.

One was from a long-time friend and blog follower asking if we could build a couple of our pergolas for a big wedding.  Two more were from landscapers who wanted to know if we would build pergolas for Home and Garden displays.  So we decided to have a little fun with it and accepted the challenge.

We put the word out that we would have a few of these for sale after the events and that we would deliver them – and they pre-sold to locals in those communities within a few days. For us – it was a great chance to go visit some nearby cities, and then deliver the pergolas.

And now – as the garden season is here and upon us – it’s back to the farm full-time on our weekends!  Of course – unless someone wanted us to build a pergola in Hawaii – I think we might be able to squeeze that one in! 🙂

A Chance To Talk About The Farm…Speaking At The Pickerington Library April 27th

Self Reliance Pick LibrarySpeaking of getting to meet wonderful people – we will get another chance to do just on Monday (April 27th), at the Pickerington, Ohio Library. The Library has asked us to speak about Old World Garden Farms and our  “Growing Simple” approach as part of their 2015 Self-Reliance Series.

Our presentation will begin at 7:30 pm, and will also include a time for question and answers as well. The program is open to the public and free of charge, so if you live close and have the night free, come out and enjoy the evening with us! – You can find out more details here on their Facebook event site : Pickerington Library

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Happy Gardening – Jim and Mary!


The Pergola Tour Wraps Up – And A Chance To Speak About Gardening
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