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Old World Garden Organic Farm Threatened…

The Old World Garden Organic Farm Threatened…..

This is not a normal post for us – but one we are sad to say happened quite suddenly tonight and that now threatens everything that we have done at Old World Garden Farms.

farm threatened

Our organic Strawberry Popcorn

While working on our farm this evening – we were approached by a local farmer that informed us we would need to protect our bees because he was about to spray Round Up to the small 8 acre parcel of land-locked property that is adjacent to our garden and farm.

This property owned by a neighbor of ours has only been used for gardening and an open field for the past 5 years – and is not attached to any large farm land. Unknown to us – this farmer had made a deal with the land owner to put in 8 acres of GMO soybeans adjacent to our organic farm, chickens and bees.  He also let us know that he would be spraying insecticide in May and that we would need to lock up our bees for that time period too – and told us as the solution we should probably have bought that land too – or we could pay him $4000 for his efforts. Unbelievable!

How We Handled the Farm Threatened….

When we explained that we owned our land and had worked for 5 years now to create our organic farm – he simply said that he would do what he needed to do, and told us that organic farming wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

farm threatened

Bees don’t stand much of a chance when right next to a Round Up field

It is so sad that tonight our five year project to grow 100% organically has become threatened. This land sits above ours, and there is no doubt that we will have all of the run-off of chemicals directly on our little farm – not to mention that the insecticides and Round Up will end up in our garden, compost and chicken coop areas.

We will do everything we can – including trying for an emergency restraining order against the spraying.  I find it ironic that his solution to our problem was for us to move our bees – and garden – even thought we have been here for 5 years on owned land and not rented land.

I can honestly say that tonight may be one of the saddest days of our little farm’s existence.  It is sad that people cannot and will not try to understand others who try to live a life free of chemicals and sprays.

We will keep you posted.

Jim and Mary