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The Garden Movement Grows…Why Gardening Is Exploding!

The Gardening Movement and Fresh Food Movement Is Growing!

It truly is amazing to see how many people, no matter the age, are realizing the importance of eating fresh – and the love of growing your own food!

Our newest addition to the farm - a 50' long double row of strawberries

Our newest addition to the farm – a new 50′ long double row of strawberries

When we started our little farm back in 2010 – the goal from the beginning was simple – to have a well-balanced self-sufficient lifestyle. Meaning that we would become responsible for most of our own food through growing and preserving, take an active role in creating as much of what we need ourselves – and most importantly – have a life together and time to enjoy our family and friends.  In short – to live and eat healthy, and of course most importantly – have fun doing it.

Well, it’s become obvious that those simple goals are shared by so many people from all over and from all walks of life.

The Greenebergers

The Greenbergers

This past week we received an email from Laura and Andy Berger, a young couple that we first had the pleasure to meet at an open house and garden class we held at the farm in early 2014.  When we first met them – the Berger’s wanted many of the same things we had wanted when we started our little garden and farm – to grow, make and preserve much of our own food, eat healthy, and enjoy the entire process.

Well, it is easy to see that they are now living the dream!  Not only have they started a large raised row garden, which included growing their own plants from seed – but Laura now has a new blog (see: The GreeneBerger) that is spreading the word as well!

The GreenbergerOne of my favorite quotes on their website comes from the first two lines describing their food philosophy: “Eat real food.  Not food that has been man-made into something that we call food, but real food that comes from the Earth.”

Quite honestly, that says it all!  ( In fact – head over if you can and give them a ‘Like” on the Greeneberger Facebook page. I can’t emphasize how important it is for all of us to support fellow gardeners! )

There have been so many others that have taken the same steps to grow and preserve their own food.  We receive emails daily from people from all corners of the world telling us about how they started their first garden, or have built a few containers on their patio or porch to grow and enjoy their own fresh tomatoes and peppers for the first time.

Dustin's raised row garden as he built it this Spring

Dustin’s raised row garden as he built it this Spring

We were completely surprised a few months back when we were out and approached by a complete stranger (Dustin) who recognized us from the our blog. Dustin introduced himself, and let us know he was a proud sponsor of our upcoming book project. He also shared his story and pictures of how he is starting his own garden as well.  Not only that – he is raising his own chickens too!

Sharing The Love of Gardening…

These stories are the reason we created the “Gardeners Resource” tab on our website. It’s a way to pass along everything we have learned from others and our own experiences in a single – easy to find resource-style page.

owg-resourceEverything from how to create your first garden, to how to make compost, organic fertilizer, hot pepper bug sprays and more.

We hope you enjoy it – and hope it helps. Of course, the one most important tip to always remember when it comes to gardening – is that above and beyond anything else – keep it simple and keep it fun!  Feel free to share your garden story as well in the comments section below or email us at

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Happy Gardening! – Jim and Mary