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The Farmhouse Build In 19 Seconds – A Simple House Rises At The Farm

After a tremendous amount of dreaming, planning, and preparation – the walls and roof line of our farmhouse finally went up this week at the farm!


The 1053 sq. foot farmhouse takes shape

Around 10:30 a.m. on Thursday morning, after a powerful set of overnight storms, the building crew from Weaver Barns rolled in and went to work. 90 minutes later, the first floor walls were up.

Fast forward 24 hours later, and the framing for the entire home, along with the front porch roof-line and decking was nearly complete!

To  capture it all – we set up a time-lapse video camera to snap a picture of the building process every 60 seconds. It is an incredible way to see it all unfold.

So far, the day two video is by far our favorite, watching the clouds roll through the bright blue sky as the roof line appears out of nowhere. When it is all complete – we will put together an entire video from start to finish – but we thought for today we would share day 2 with you.

We also have more photos at the bottom of this article as well

We have been incredibly blessed with every single phase of the building process to this point. We have had so many incredible people help us as we have worked from our initial design to what is now becoming reality – a 1053 sq. foot farmhouse that will let us call Old World Garden Farms home.


Weaver barns has been incredible to work with through the entire project – and the pride and craftsmanship in their work is simply amazing

Our neighbor Craig Ratai and Ratai builders have been there every step of the way – and I have no idea where we would be without him.

He not only excavated the entire site and built our foundations for the house and garage to perfection, but every single crew he has sent our way, from block layers, to the plumber and electrician have been first-class people. Not to mention, he is the best sounding block for building questions we could have ever asked for.

And of course, Weaver Barns will forever be in our hearts as well. Their entire team has worked with us to make sure every last detail is covered on the house build – and you simply won’t find better people to work with.

From the moment we started to roll through their website and saw their designs, we couldn’t wait to meet them. And once we did, we knew we had our builder. (

I could go on and on, but I guess my point is this :

In a country where you hear so many say that there is no longer incredible craftsmanship or pride in our work – I can tell you that when it has come to every single crew that has worked on our house – it is alive, well, thriving and incredible! There is still great craftsmanship out there!

With that said, as the building process for the farmhouse continues, our weekends and nights are now spent completing everything that will go in the home – including the sliding barn doors, kitchen island, concrete countertops and more. I could say it seems like work – but quite honestly, to us it is simply fun.


The inside walls going up

As of right now, we continue to stay on track for a mid-August move in – and hopefully, can call the farm our home before it’s time to plant our fall crop of garlic!

Happy Gardening and Building!  Jim and Mary

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The first walls of the house go up late Thursday morning.


The opening for the dormers


the inside loft area and roofline


The side view of the house


The front porch – which we can’t wait to sit on!