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Our Favorite Salsa Recipes – Enjoying Summer And The Garden

Salsa is extremely popular this time of the year, especially with all of the fresh produce available from backyard gardens and farmers markets. In fact, salsa recipes are the reason many people plant a garden in the first place! With just a few tomatoes, onions and peppers, you can make your own great tasting salsa. And when it comes to canning, here is nothing like opening a jar in the middle of winter to remind you of your garden, and knowing that you made it yourself. 

We make a variety of salsas every summer – ranging from fresh Pico de Gallo to hot Picante Salsa. We even have a recipe for red white and blue salsa that is all fruit based. 

So this week, we decided to dedicate our recipe article to all of our salsa recipes – we hope you enjoy! You can click on each title to take you to the individual recipes.

Salsa Recipes

Classic Salsa Recipe – click here

salsa recipes

Classic canned salsa

A classic salsa recipe that can be canned. Open a jar, add a few diced onions, peppers and cilantro and you will never know it was made months ago!





Fresh Garden Salsa Recipe – click here

Salsa Recipes

Garden fresh salsa ready to go!

A great recipe for those that want it now! Use those fresh tomatoes and peppers from the garden and you will be enjoying it in minutes!






Picante Salsa Recipe – click here

salsa recipes

Picante Salsa


A tomato based picante recipe that is much thinner than traditional salsa. Take one bite and it will remind you of being in a Mexican restaurant. 





Pico de Gallo Recipe – click here

salsa recipes

Pico de Gallo Salsa Recipe

A quick, easy and fresh tasting salsa recipe that can be eaten with chips or on top of your favorite dish. 







Roasted Corn Salsa Recipe – click here

salsa recipes

Easy Roasted Corn Salsa Recipe

Who says salsa recipes are all tomato based? This roasted corn as a delicious and unique twist to salsa. 







Red, White, and Blue ‘Salsa’ Recipe – click here

salsa recipes

Red, White, and Blue Salsa Recipe

Show your patriotic side when you make this red, white, and blue salsa. This all fruit dish adds a sweet spin on ‘salsa’ – perfect for those summer time holiday celebrations!







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