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The Bold Look And Low Cost Of Metal Ceilings And Walls

Metal ceilings? Move over drywall, metal is making a statement. And not just on the roof! More and more people are turning to steel, aluminum, and galvanized metal panels to finish off the inside – as well as the outside of their home.

metal ceilings

The galvanized metal ceilings and white trim make for a clean and bright look

Not only is it a fresh, bold look combining the current trend of using natural and industrial elements, it can save big money on the budget! 

For our Simple House Project at the farm, we chose galvanized metal panels for the majority of our interior ceilings. Of all the unique design elements we tried to bring into the project, this is now one of our  favorites.

We will both readily admit we were a bit nervous until the panels went up, but we couldn’t be happier with the results. 

The combination of white shiplap siding, rough-sawn wood trim, and the metal ceilings blend well together. The sheen from the galvanized panels gently reflects the white shiplap to keep the room filled with natural light. 

We liked the look so well we incorporated it into an accent wall, as well as our back porch ceiling.

The reality is that metal panels have come a long way. You can now find them in an almost endless variety of styles and colors. Adding to the allure, they are also fire resistant, durable, and can be extremely inexpensive when compared to the alternative of drywall.

To be sure, metal is not the perfect fit for everyone’s taste or home decor. However, the advantages are hard to dispute. 

The Advantages Of Metal Ceilings and Walls

metal ceilings

The metal ceilings and white shiplap reflect the natural light coming in from the windows. 

Cost – We were able to cover our entire cathedral ceiling, loft, bedroom, hallway and exterior porch for under $2000 in materials. That is a far cry from the $10,000 to $12,000 it would have been to drywall and paint the entire area. As an added bonus, we had the sheets cut to size. That means no seams to worry about at all. A huge advantage as opposed to working with drywall.

Complete Upon Installation – Whether choosing galvanized or painted panels, the finish is already applied. So when the panels go up – the ceilings or walls are completely finished There is no messy taping, mudding, sanding, painting or dust. That alone was enough of a benefit  convince us to try it!

metal ceilings

The metal accent wall for the staircase.

Maintenance Free Care – Most metal panels are rated anywhere from. 40 to 60 years of outside wear and tear. So obviously, their inside life will go far beyond that. Wiping them free of dust from time to time is about the only maintenance required – ever.

You can find out more on our entire Simple House Project here : The Simple House Project Page

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