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Creating A Tiny Cabin In A Garage – A 264 Square Foot Guest House

Although it may not have a trailer base, wheels, or the ability to move – the 250 foot square foot tiny cabin we are creating in the extra space of our garage certainly would qualify as tiny house living.

tiny cabin

The extra space in our garage gave us the perfect place to create a tiny cabin

We  wanted to create a private space at the farm for family and friends to stay on visits.

As we started construction on the house this summer, we quickly realized the bonus area in our nearby garage was just the space for the job!

Our garage is a 24′ x 32′ Weaver Barns standard model that they modified to match the house. It came standard with an extra door and storage space beside the main garage door.

That extra space has now become our tiny cabin guest house!

The Tiny Cabin Details

The tiny cabin measures just 11 feet wide x 24 long, and comes in at a whopping total of 264 square feet. Although it sounds small, it still has all of the comforts of a nice hotel room.

tiny cabin

The bathroom is small, but still spacious enough to move around

We  used many of the same space and cost saving features from the house in the cabin. For the walls and ceilings, we chose 10″ shiplap to give it a true “cabin” feel.  I can’t say enough about shiplap. It is so inexpensive and easy to install – and makes building a breeze!   See : The Ease of Using Shiplap

For the bathroom entrance, we built a sliding barn door to conserve on space, and added in a small vanity, shower and toilet.

To round it all out, a few inexpensive stock wood cabinets, some left over barn wood, and a mini fridge created the kitchen area.

The main living area comes in at 12′ x 11′, leaving more than enough room for a coffee table and a pull out couch and bed.

From a cost standpoint, we were fortunate to have the water, sewer and electrical service easily accessible from the nearby house.To save on expenses, we had the those services run at the same time when we created the foundations in the spring.

For heat and air, we installed an inexpensive PTAC unit that can be easily turned off when not in use. All in all, not a bad space for visitors to enjoy a little time at the farm.

tiny cabin

We used old barn wood for the back splash in the kitchen.

So as we move in this weekend to the house – it’s nice to know that we have a little extra space for family and friends to enjoy the farm on visits as well.

Back To Work…

In the meantime, we need to get back to finishing up our own Simple House. After all  – it’s move in weekend! As a matter of fact, if we had it through – we should have had someone stay in the tiny cabin this weekend to help us move! 🙂

We included a few extra photos at the end of the post as well.

Here is to making the most from small spaces! – Jim and Mary.

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tiny cabin

The front room area and entrance

tiny cabin

The extra door from the garage into the guest area