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A Classic DIY Farm Table – Made Entirely From 2 x 4’s!

This 2 x 4 farm table is the perfect weekend DIY project for those looking to make their own kitchen or harvest table.

It’s simple to build, durable, and best of all, it’s made entirely of inexpensive 2 x 4’s!

2 x 4 farm table

The completed 2 x 4 farm table on the barn patio.

Although we often build many of our DIY projects from old barn wood and pallets, we thought we would try our hand with creating something from the most basic building block used in the construction industry, the 2 x 4.

We made our harvest table a bit on the larger size (10′ long) to use for future dinner events at the farm. However, the measurements can easily be adjusted to fit any size needed.

Creating The 2 x 4 Farm Table

Our 2 x 4 table is made up of two basic sections. A sturdy trestle base, and a heavy-duty top. We created each separately, and then attached them together with screws.

The Top

2 x 4 farm table

We ripped the 2 x 4 ‘s down on each end for a perfectly flat surface, and to make the thickness a bit less bulky.

The top is nothing more than common 2 x 4’s joined together side by side. To assemble, we glued and then screwed each board into one another.

This creates the bigger “butcher block” style surface of the top. It is amazing how good it looks with such a simple assembly.

For our 2 x 4 table, we used 10′ long boards to span the entire length. You could also use shorter lengths to create a more random butcher block look.

Before screwing together, we ran the boards through the table saw to take about a half inch off each side. This made each side perfectly even and smooth.

You can use the boards as is if you like a heavier look.  For us, the 2 and 1/2 inch finished thickness was perfect.


Once the boards were cut, we simply glued and screwed each piece together until the big top was formed. To assemble, we put a screw in about every 8 inches down each board.

2 x 4 farm table

The top is made by screwing and gluing together 2 x 4’s on end

One word of advice, spend a little time in the lumber yard selecting the straightest boards you can find! It goes a long way towards making it easier.

Creating The Base

For this table, we opted to build a straight leg base with two angled trestle sides.

We used old 2 x 4’s we had on hand to match our big farm tables already in the barn.

Not only is extremely strong, it gives a great rustic look. It’s also perfect for bench seating.

If building as a kitchen table, I think we would have opted to use our 2 x 4 X style braces we used in our DIY desk project a few years back .

That would allow for plenty of room for chairs to slide under for seating.

Either way – they can both be made with simple 2 x 4’s.

Finishing the Table

farm table

We love the butcher block style of the top – and it’s durability!

Although you could leave the top with the saw marks for a true rustic look, we sanded opted to sand for a smooth finish.

To finish, we applied two coats of stain, followed by 3 coats of acrylic sealer. And with that the 2 x 4 table was complete.

Depending on the finished size, the entire table can be built for $80 or less.

Our 10′ table ended up costing about $77 in materials.  And yes, we will have complete step by step plans for the farm table up in our OWG Etsy shop later this year.

Happy Building! – Jim and Mary.

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