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5 Incredible Vegetable Plants To Grow In Your Garden This Year!

It’s time for this year’s list of Incredible Vegetable Plants to grow in the garden! Another calendar year has turned – and even though it’s cold outside, that means its time to start thinking about Garden Season!

It sounds almost too good to be true, but we are only 45 days from starting our first set of seeds indoors for the garden.

So as the snow, cold and fury of winter carry on outdoors, here is a little help to get those garden juices flowing indoors.

Each year, we create this must-grow incredible vegetable plants’ list based upon past experience and recent trials in our garden.

Some we pick for their amazing flavor or size – others because they amaze us with their production. We have a little of all of those traits on this year’s list.  We included seed links to each variety as well.

5 Incredible Vegetable Plants to grow

The Mortgage Lifter Heirloom Tomato. 

Without further adieu, here is our list!

5 Incredible Vegetable Plants To Grow In The Garden!

The Mortgage Lifter Tomato

If you like to grow them big – then this is THE plant for you!

This classic beefsteak heirloom variety can grow fruit up to 4 pounds! We were simply amazed by the size of the tomatoes – with most coming on at about 2 pounds.

They are perfect for slicing and eating, or on a mammoth burger.

As the story goes, it was developed by a financially struggling gardener in the 1930’s. After crossing some of his best plants for a few years, he developed this classic.

He sold the plants for $1 a piece, and paid off his mortgage in just 6 years!  Hence the name.

I’m not sure about paying off your mortgage, but this great tasting beauty is sure to pay off with incredible flavor on your taste buds! Mortgage Lifter Seeds

The McMahon Texas Bird Hot Pepper

We grew this tiny edible ornamental pepper for the first time last year and simply loved it! These plants make perfect potted plants for your patio.

Incredible Vegetable Plants to grow

The McMahon pepper plant

They are compact, bushy  and have hundreds of 1/2″ round colored peppers in all shades of yellow and orange.

One thing is for sure – don’t be fooled by its small size when it comes to heat. It packs some real punch!

They are great for salsa and soups when you need to add some great hot flavor. But moreover, they are a conversation piece when used as a patio planter.  McMahon Pepper Seeds

Mary Washington Asparagus –

If you already love the taste of asparagus – you won’t believe how much better it can be when you grow your own!

top 5 vegetable plants

Fresh picked asparagus can’t be beat

As anyone that grows their own knows, fresh picked asparagus simply can’t be beat for flavor. The best part of planting and growing asparagus – it’s a perennial that can be harvested for over 20 years!

We have planted and now grow several varieties in our garden. By far however, the Mary Washington variety has become our favorite.

Tender young shoots emerge from the ground in late Spring to the delight of every single taste bud in your mouth. You really can’t go wrong with this old-time classic heirloom variety.  Mary Washington 2nd Year Roots

Tiger Blush Tomato

top 5 vegetable plants

The Tiger Blush tomato

This is one incredible tomato!  The Tiger Blush is an oblong cherry-style tomato that ripens to a beautiful orange with pink stripes.

It’s flavor can only be describes as a near tropical sugary sweet, and we swear you can taste a hint of peach in every bite.

Beyond its amazing flavor, the plant is a massive producer of fruit.

It came on early in our garden, and produced heavily right up until frost. It is perfect for fresh eating, in fact, its sometimes hard to make it out of the garden without eating them.

The Tiger Blush is also great in salads, salsa, and makes a mean yellow tomato soup. Tiger Blush Tomato Seeds

Mammoth Russian Sunflower

So – yes, although technically not a traditional “vegetable” – every garden simply should have a sunflower somewhere!

And that is why it makes our incredible vegetable plants to grow list this year. We started our list with the huge Mortgage Lifter tomato, and we will end with a great big one as well –  the Mammoth Russian Sunflower.

These giant sunflowers can easily grow 9 to 12 feet tall, and you can literally watch them grow inches every single day!

top 5 vegetable plants

The seed head of a Mammoth Russian Sunflower

They are a great addition to a garden fence line, or in an open flowerbed.

Beware though, plant seeds about 2′ apart to allow for the massive growth. They can be a great conversation piece, and the seed pods are great for roasting and eating.

It certainly adds a big burst of color when in full bloom! Mammoth Russian Sunflower Seeds

So get your , and get seeds and your garden plan ready for the best gardening season ever!

Happy Gardening – Jim and Mary

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