Yes, you can help repel mosquitoes simply by growing plants!

repel mosquitoes
Not only is Oregano a delicious herb for all kinds of dishes – it also works wonders when it comes to repelling mosquitoes!

It won’t be long until summer is here. Unfortunately, with the warm weather comes the nasty issue of pesky mosquitoes!

Nothing can quite ruin a perfect outdoor evening like a swarm unwelcome mosquitoes. But beyond the painfully itchy and stinging bites, these flying creatures can also spread a whole host of diseases. 

There are, of course, all sorts of chemical concoctions you can spray in the air, and on your body to help control them. However, not only can that be expensive, it can be a bit worrisome when it comes to the safety of you and your family.

But what if you could help repel mosquitoes simply by planting a few, easy-to grow plants in your garden, yard and landscape? Well, actually, you can! There are actually a number of flowers and herbs that mosquitoes simply don’t like to be around. And today’s article is about 4 of the best!

In addition to their mosquito repelling qualities, they can also provide a touch of color and beauty to your backyard too!

4 Great Plants To Grow To Repel Mosquitoes


repelling mosquitoes
Nasturtiums have apmazing properties when it comes to repelling mosquitos

Nasturtiums are simply a great plant for all gardens and patios for so many reasons. One of which of course – they help repel mosquitoes!  

Nasturtium varieties bloom in a beautiful array of red, orange and yellow colors. They are also highly economical and easy to grow. Most varieties will germinate and grow quickly from seed planted directly in pots or the ground. 

They produce their own unique chemical marker that naturally repels mosquitos. It also helps stave off other pests such as aphids, whiteflies and squash bugs.

They can be a perfect hedge border planting around a garden, and look just as beautiful in small pots placed on a patio. Remove the blooms as they expire to keep it blooming heavy all summer long.    Seed link : Nasturtium Seeds

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is an easy to grow herb that has long been known to repel mosquitoes.

The leaves of lemon balm contain large amounts of  citronellal, a compound that shares many of the same insect repelling benefits of Citronella. You can make sprays by blending and soaking the leaves, or use it right from the plant!

As an all-natural quick repellent, simply strip a few leaves off, crush them in your hands, and rub on your exposed arms and legs. 

repel mosquitoes
Marigolds can help repel mosquitoes, and a lot of other insects and critters too!

This is another fast growing herb that can be planted near patios, in gardens, or even in small pots and containers. It not only fills the surrounding air with a wonderful lemon scent, it will help to keep those mosquitoes at bay.   Seed Link : Lemon Balm Seeds


Marigolds come in so many different shapes and sizes, and can bring tons of color to planters, gardens and flowerbeds.

The pungent smell released by marigolds is a huge deterrent to mosquitoes. And much like Nasturtium – they repel a lot of other annoying pests and insects along the way!

Marigold seeds are easy to start and grow as well, making them extremely economical. Simply save a few seed heads from year to year, and you will have more than enough to plant.  Seed Link :  French Dwarf  and  Giant Orange


Oregano is another well-known herb in the fight to repel mosquitoes. It’s compact, fragrant and beautiful leaf structure look right at home in the garden, or in a planter.  You can even plant them as a trailer in hanging baskets.

Mosquitoes tend to stay away from the plants distinct aroma. However, the oil extract from oregano leaves has is also uses to make all-natural repellent sprays. 

But beyond both of those uses, you have it handy for all of those tasty homemade culinary dishes! And what other plant can help to flavor pizza, pasta sauce – and help repel mosquitoes! Seed Link : Oregano Seeds

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4 Perfect Plants To Grow To Repel Mosquitoes From Your Patio, Yard & Garden
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