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Our Top 10 Garden Tips Of All Time! Sharing 5 Years Of Gardening Love

Celebrating our 5th year Anniversary sharing the articles from our top 10 garden tips of all time!

eliminating weeds

The Stake-A-Cage tomato support article comes in ay number 1 with 1.7 million views!

It’s hard to believe that this month marks our 5th year of writing our weekly garden articles. Who knew when we started Old World Garden Farm’s Home, Garden & DIY site, that five years later we would be writing our 350th gardening article with today’s post.

But here we are, and still loving every minute of it!

If nothing else, it is a testament to all of the wonderful gardeners throughout the world that love to read and share about the joys, trials, and tribulations of gardening.

We thought to celebrate our 350th article, we would take a look back at our top 10 garden tips from our most viewed gardening articles.

Some are tips. some are how-to’s in the garden, and one even stirred up a little controversy when we talked about how rototillers can actually be bad for gardens.

But before we get to the articles and links below, we thought we would share a few cool facts about the top ten.

The most viewed garden article of all time is our DIY Stake-A-Cage Tomato post.

We never knew when we created these simple, but effective tomato supports that they would become such a hit. But, boy, have they ever! The article has been viewed over 1.7 million times!

We still love and use them today in our garden.

garden tips

Our article on the rototiller stirred up a bit of controversy.

Topping the list for most comments was easily “Why You Don’t Need A Rototiller To Have A Good Garden”.

A whopping 1000+ comments came in on this garden tips article. some agreeing, and a few telling us we had lost our minds. 🙂  We certainly had fun with that one!

And then there is our sentimental favorite, our first post on Raised Row Gardening. It comes in at number 6 all-time with just shy of 1,000,000 views.

The article will always remain our favorite for allowing us the opportunity to share the Raised Rows Gardening system that has let us grow the food we love, in a simple, low maintenance and enjoyable way!

We never imagined it would someday lead to a book dedicated to the Raised Row method, but Spring, that will become a reality thanks to Page Street Publishing!

We hope you enjoy a look back at the top 10 garden articles below, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our love of gardening for the last 5 years!

Here is to hoping for another great 5 years, and another 350 articles!  – Jim and Mary

Top 10 Garden Tips Articles Of All Time

#1 -The Stake A Cage – How to create the ultimate tomato and pepper supports – cheap!

#2 6 Tips To Eliminate Weeds

#3 Why You Don’t Need A Rototiller

#4 Why and How To Prune Tomatoes For A Better Crop!

#5 Companion Planting

#6 Composting 101

#7 Raised Row Gardening

#8 How To Make Compost Tea -The Ultimate Organic Fertilizer

#9 The Power of Worm Castings

#10 The Power of Egg Shells and Coffee Grounds