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Planning A Night For You – A Farm To Table Dinner Event At The Farm!

It is a day we have dreamed of since first starting our little farm some 6+ years ago, hosting a farm to table dinner, smack in the middle of our 3 acre homestead! Even better, it will give us an incredible chance to share it with some of the most amazing people in the world – you! And it will all take place this year on Saturday, September 2nd, 2017.

farm to table

Our first ever farm to table event

There is simply something so special about enjoying a homemade meal outdoors under the open sky. And nothing could make it better than sharing it on a late summer evening this year with 44 of our followers. Quite honestly, that is what will make it so special.

Many of you have been with us from the very beginning. Sharing every step of the way as we created a little space on 3 acres to call our own. As crazy as it sounds, without the blog, we both realize we would have never been able to accomplish our dreams. Writing, sharing and creating our weekly stories motivates us more than you will ever know. 

farm to table dinner

The barn will serve as a backdrop for the dinner

For as long as we can remember, hosting a farm to table dinner at our OWG farm has made our annual goal list. Every year, it always seemed to take a back seat to so many other goals that took precedence. This year, the time has come to cross the farm to table dinner off our list. And – we want to share it with some of you who have made it all possible.

So with the farm as a backdrop, we will create a single long row of tables and chairs outside for an incredible family style farm to table dinner, filled with farm fresh foods. The menu will include as many items grown at our farm as possible.

Appetizers made from freshly harvested tomatoes, peppers and more. Homemade soup from the garden, slowly cooked all day in a giant kettle over the fire pit.  A salad harvested straight from the garden and baskets of homemade bread and more.

For those items we can’t provide, we will fill out the menu with locally grown selections. Local wine, cheeses, and a choice of locally raised chicken, steak and a vegetarian option will all be featured. Hopefully, there will be something for everyone who can join us.

The evening will begin at 5 pm with appetizers, and tours of the house, garden and farm for those who wish to have a look around. We will then all sit down to enjoy the farm dinner around 6 pm.

For those who wish to stay a little after dinner to mingle, we will have the fire pit rolling with a nice fire and plenty of chairs. And who knows, if completed – our pizza oven might even have to get fired up for a late evening snack! 

Selecting Guests For The Farm To Table Dinner – The Hardest Part of All!

Although we wish we could fill the field with as many tables for all who want to be a part of the dinner, we realize that it simply isn’t possible. So, to be fair, we have decided to do a simple lottery drawing to pick 40 guests for the evening’s dinner. There is no cost at all for the dinner for those selected to attend.

The lottery drawing will work as follows. You can enter the drawing as a couple, individual, or individual with a guest. All attendees must be over the age of 21.

We will draw all names at random on Saturday, August 5th, and notify winners via email by the following day. We will also select an additional 20 names as alternates if for any reason the selected guests can not attend.

To enter the drawing, you can click the link at the end of the article to submit your entry.

In addition to the lottery, we will be selecting 4 more guests from the entries for those who would be coming from the farthest location away. So if you happen to be visiting the states and central Ohio from Italy, Ireland, Fuji, Canada, England, South Africa or some other far away land – you might have an automatic seat at the table! 🙂

Good luck to all, and we can’t wait for September 2nd! – Jim and Mary Competti. Here is to celebrating life at the farm!

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