Nothing adds stunning color and beauty to a landscape like hanging baskets blooming in all their glory!

Hanging baskets blooming
The hanging baskets on our driveway post at the farm

Whether on a front porch, back porch, patio, or perched on a post in the middle of the yard, hanging baskets brighten up any space with a welcoming, down home feel.

Annual flowers are simply the best way to add brilliant color throughout the landscape.

Whether it’s Petunias, Impatiens, Zinnias, Begonias , Ornamental Peppers, or a slew of other choices, annuals, with their full canopy of bright blooms, can bring color all summer long. But placing them in flowerbeds can be somewhat of a chore. 

First, there is the worry of animals and pests digging them up or destroying them. And then, of course, there is the constant nightmare of keeping the flowerbeds weeded.

That is where hanging baskets rule! They can be placed up and out of the danger zone of pests, and need little to zero weeding.

We use them all throughout our landscape to bring full season color, without the hassle to plant and maintain the bed space. 

Unfortunately, late July and August seem to be a time when many hanging baskets starts to fade. But with just a few simple tips, you really can keep them booming and blooming all season!

The 3 Keys To Keep Hanging Baskets Blooming And Beautiful

#1 Fertilize On A Regular Schedule

Quite simply, without additional fertilizer applied throughout the season, hanging baskets will begin to fade. 

Hanging baskets, just like flowers planted in containers, have limited soil fertility. Even if you use the best planting mix, it will eventually run out of power. 

hanging baskets blooming
We plant ornamental peppers in baskets as well to provide a big burst of color

We use a two-fold approach to this problem. First, we apply a 1/4 cup of worm castings to the top of the baskets soil every month. Worm castings are the perfect slow release fertilizer.

Every time you water, those nutrients leach down through the soil and absorbed by the roots. When folks stop at the farm and ask how we keep our baskets blooming, we always tell them this is our #1 secret!

I am simply amazed by the power of worm castings more and more every day.  Product Link : Worm Castings

If worm casting aren’t available, try 1/4 cup of spent coffee grounds on the soil. They are high in Nitrogen and give a natural boost as well. Just look what they do for us humans in the morning. 🙂

Secondly, we water with a liquid fertilizer (compost tea or worm casting tea) every two weeks. The two-week schedule keeps the plants blooming, but not too aggressive in their growth.

Too much fertilizer and the plants will become root-bound in their pots. This simple routine is all that is needed to keep hanging baskets blooming like you never thought possible.  See : 3 Simple Organic Fertilizers That Can Power Plants 

#2 Consistent Watering

The quickest way to damage a hanging basket is to let it go too long without water.

Get in the habit of watering your baskets at the same time every day. Not only does it help the plant with regular watering, it helps you remember to do it!

The best time to water is in the early morning so they can withstand the heat of the day. But if you come home on a scorcher and they look wilted, don’t wait till morning!

Hydrate them and keep them healthy. Unfortunately, letting a hanging basket go too long without water can quickly spell the end.

#3 Removing Spent Blooms

Take a few minutes when watering to remove blooms that are spent or beginning to fade. This simple practice helps the plant to send and spend its energy where it matters most, on new blooms!

It is amazing how simply clearing old blooms off a plant one day can mean hundreds of new blooms just a few days later.

And If All Else Fails…

Sometimes, no matter what you try, a plant simply becomes too root-bound and cramped to bring back to glory. But whatever you do, don’t throw them away!  

By simply giving those cramped roots a little more space in a new place you can bring them back to glory.

For baskets that have simply outgrown their container, there are two great options.  Replant root bound flowers into a larger container or planter.  

If finding a larger container is impossible, then replant them directly into the landscape. It is actually a really neat and easy way to keep them going!  For more info on this, see our article : How To Rejuvenate Worn Out Hanging Baskets And Potted Plants

Here’s to keeping your hanging baskets blooming and gorgeous all summer long  Jim and Mary! 

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3 Keys To Keep Hanging Baskets Blooming And Beautiful All Summer!