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Farm To Table Winners – And How Should We Decorate The Table? Help!

The names have all been drawn, and the September 2nd OWG Farm to Table dinner event is on! And now, we need a little help with some ideas to decorate our outdoor table that night! 

farm to table

We want to make the table special for our guests, and we thought maybe all of our followers could help with suggestions.

Here is what we have to work with. The setting will be one long row of wooden tables and chairs in the open field beside the farm. The plates are white, and of course, we have mason jars for glasses. Now – help us make it great from there with your ideas!  

Please feel free to let us know of any thoughts or suggestions in the comment section at the bottom of the page.  And now, on to the selections!

The Farm To Table Invite Winners

By midnight August 5th, we ended up with 1256 applicants from 38 states. Including 4 from outside of the country. The two automatic bids for attending from the longest distance went to Roger Hazeldine from Bankok, Khoa Yai, Thailand, and Fitzi Grant and D’arcy from Ottawa, Ontario. 

We trialed our first Facebook Live video from the farm yesterday to start drawing names for the 40 guests. We included that video below in case you need a good laugh! 

Of the first five names drawn – Ohio, Virginia, Indiana and New York were all represented! We continued on drawing and came up with a list of 40 attendees and 20 alternates. 

For a list of all names drawn, along with alternates, you can check out our farm to table attendee page here : Farm to Table Attendee Selections. 

We will be notifying all selected via email over the next few days. If any cannot attend, we will go in order on the alternate list to fill out the seats at the table.

Thank you to everyone who entered! We wish we could have invited all – but I have a feeling 1256 people might have been an issue on our little 3 acre farm! Again, we would love any ideas from all on how to make our outdoor table perfect for our guests – so feel free to leave a comment below.

Looking forward to a great evening at the farm – Jim and Mary. If you would like to receive our DIY, Gardening and Recipe articles each week, you can sign up via email at the very bottom of this post. You can also like and follow us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram to receive all of our latest tips and articles. This article may contain affiliate links.